Sony’s PS2 Emulation Fiasco

Katie Joell from Gamerscore Whores writes "Sony’s trojan horse to make money from their fanbase continues with their flip on PS2 emulation. Fans expected for Sony’s PS2 backwards compatibility for PS4 to work with previous digital purchases and physical retail copies. Instead Sony have shafted their fans in a move to make more money."

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DARKKENT1106d ago

I don't agree with what sony are doing, I'm actually disgusted but this video seems very fanboyish.

All i wanna know is Why is it that the company winning in sales ALWAYS gets arrogant and makes dumb anti consumer moves

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1106d ago

IT's not that they become arrogant, it's just that they are at a stage where they are comfortable with what they've done to get the user base to where it is, and then they look at ways to make the money they need to from them. It's just business as they do what they can to make their money and satisfy their shareholders.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

To those who are complaining about Sony not implementing true backwards compatibility, start a petition and watch it go no where.

This entire episode has been instigated by fanboys and clickbait journalists. When the PS4 was released in November 2013 it wasn't backwards compatible and everyone that has purchased a PS4 then and now, knew exactly what they were getting.

As for the complaints about PS Now, remasters, and the digital PS2 games, as with any other product sold on planet Earth you have the option not to buy it.

Good day.

medman1105d ago

I love my ps4, but if you say you're "For the players", then you have to be all in for the players. They missed an opportunity here. I don't think it will be super damaging from a hardware sales standpoint, and I even think many people will re-buy some titles so it may even work out for them financially. But I think the problem is public perception. Gamers are really going to start wondering is Sony now going to take advantage of their hardware dominance and nickel and dime us for every last cent.

I'm waiting to see what they're going to charge for playstation vr. They have to get that right for the consumer. If they don't price it reasonably, for the majority of gamers it will seem like Sony is maybe losing the plot a bit. Don't forget what got you the lead, Sony. Give gamers what they want.

DARKKENT1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

@seahawk i agree with some of what you said but i also think because PlayStation brings in their most revenue they've turned into greedy arrogant ba**ards trying to charge for anything they can even if it clearly should be free.. This gen they seem to care more about revenue than their actual fans, of course revenues important but so is fan service ask Microsoft, after their reveal fan service f**ked up their revenue ... i prefer the ps3 era sony

Coming from ps3 to ps4 I've put up with online costs, psnow costs.. Holidays without a first party exclusive... Now they wanna charge 12 pounds for a ps2 game... Now please note everything I've just said was opposite for the ps3... EVERYTHING

This isn't the sony i knew which is why i have had to buy a xbox one (and will catch up on 360 games thanks to BC) which again is alien to me because last gen as i was ps3 only.

DarXyde1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Well actually, Sony has gone a while without big releases for PS3. That's what perpetuated the whole "PS3 has no games" jabs from opposing camps.

As for charging $10-$15 per PS2 game, I think it's an issue because people are treating this as their solution to BC. It's not. In fact, Sony never claimed it was. I distinctly recall them saying they were working on bringing PS2 games to PS4. I was really upset about it at first myself...Then I calmed down and assessed their approach. It's much like their approach with PS3. PS2 games with upscaling and trophy support? Sounds exactly like an HD remaster.

If you're upset regarding the absence of BC, I completely understand, but I think the lion's share of the animosity people are feeling comes from the misunderstanding that PS2 emulation is NOT their answer to BC. There may never be one. Point being, if you were okay with HD collections on PS3, this is no different and extends the offers to PS4.

DARKKENT1106d ago

@darxyde the ps3 has no games argument came from uneducated fanboys much like this gen fanboys saying much the same thing about ps4... Uneducated

And ps3 never went a holiday without a first party release in its heyday..

As for ps2 emulation.. They have it up and running like they did on ps3..they don't need to charge for it, remasters usually have frame rate upgrades etc this is just an up scaled ps2 emulation.. Ps2 games on my ps3 also showed noticible image differences.. That was free.

The revenue sony are now making from online seems to be like a domino effect it's like they said.. Wow we missed out on all this revenue last gen from online while Ms charged let's see what else we nickle and dime gamers for...

I'm soo disappointed in sonys greed this gen

kreate1106d ago

Microsoft got greedy, we pwned them.

Sony getting greedy, we should pwn them too.

put all of these bastards in their rightful place.

SegaSaturn6691106d ago

I wish they would have destroyed the rumors of ps2 backward compatibility right away instead of letting them become cultivated and having people feel let down.

KiwiViper851106d ago

They did cut down the rumours. Plenty of times, even Yoshida came out and said BC isn't happening.

Some people just believe what they want to believe.

the_dark_one1106d ago

indeed its true, and what sony is doing is more then just BC, they are improving the quality of the game both Frame rate and image, remote play, trophies, this takes work from people, so is only fair to be paid for it. now the price could been 10dollars i think it would be much better but i guess you get what you pay for

Blaze9291106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Sony being Sony. They could have easily explained what this truly was ahead of time.

Corpser1106d ago

People really are buying these old GTAs for $15 when they are like $2 on steam sales?

Malice-Flare1106d ago

they never flipped on BC. they never offered BC. all they said was they were working on PS2 emulation. perhaps they should have nipped that rumor in the bud, but i'm not going to hold a grudge when their initial trailer perfectly stated: "PS2 game discs & PS2 Classics are not compatible with PS4," and people still kept running with it. this isn't a product for people wanting BC and so is PS Now...

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