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COG writes: Every month, two armies stand in a field and stare at each other in an intimidating manner. A battle royale ensues. Sony and Microsoft stand at arm's length from each other, slapping each other with white gloves in a distinguished fashion. Actually, they just give away free games. Which lineup rules the roost in December 2015? Let's turn to the tale of the tape.

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Cdn_Seahawks_Fan2193d ago

I am thinking EVERYONE wins. Whether the games are great or mediocre, they are downloadable with your console online service of choice and give you some value, and even more gameplay time. YAY to games.

MercilessDMercer2193d ago

Oh boy, I do love free games!

MzDino2193d ago

As long as there's free games, I'm happy.

retrogamer092192d ago

Both of the lineups are crap, although I'm enjoying Van Helsing so far.

MikleDemi2192d ago

Van Helsing and Sacred are better than anything the PS4 is getting.
Lol Sony is giving us an episode of a game (something that Telltale routinley gives out for free), and a game that has been part of a $3 bundle on the PC.

Having said that, I expected more from both as a Christmas present.
Still, Gold takes it hands down seeing as how all Gold games can now be played on the XBONE.

Ginpachi-sama2192d ago

Lol freedom wars alone is better than everything xbox one is offering this month

MikleDemi2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

I agree with you, BUT I can't play Freedom Wars on my PS4 now can I? I have played the heck out of it on my Vita and love having a digital copy now...

Having said this, the Xbox One got MUCH more and better games than the PS4. PS4 owners petty much got kicked in the balls this time around.

medman2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

LOL at the guy trying to justify to himself why his decision to buy an xbox one was worth it. If you like the xbox, fine....enjoy. But don't come here trying to make it sound like the xbox is "winning" something. You sound silly.

MikleDemi2191d ago

I have all 3 consoles and a PC. I'm a gamer and not a fanboy like most people here seem to be.
Just calling things as I see them.

medman2190d ago

Stop your nonsense son. Not even your mama believes you.