Rogue Galaxy PS4 Gameplay Shows More of PS2’s Emulation: Looks Awesome and Nostalgic

Rogue Galaxy came back today to PS4 thanks to the new emulation feature that made it available on the PlayStation Store, and Sony Computer Entertainment is showing it off with a couple of gameplay videos.

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Kalebninja2665d ago

Game looks awesome, I've never heard of it until psx though which seems crazy to me.

Abriael2665d ago

It's somewhat obscure because it came out with little fanfare just a year before the PS3. But it's awesome.

no_more_heroes2665d ago

Apparently, it came out in NA Jan 2007 just about two months after the ps3 came out. Little wonder it was overlooked. First I heard of it was when it was confirmed as a ps2 to ps4 port this past week.

Spenok2664d ago

I was working at a game store when it originally released. It's made by Level 5, makers or Dark Cloud, so I wasn't about to pass it up. So glad I didn't. Now all I need to do is pick it up again on PS4 and relive the classic goodness.

For anyone who wants a fantastic RPG, do yourself a favor and pick this up.

deathtok2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

I bought this one when it first came out... I tend to hold on to my last-gen for a while!

I got it because of Level-5 and it's good, sometimes great but like many RPGs could have used some balance around grinding.

Germany72665d ago

Looks like i will finally play this game, Dark Cloud and The Mark of Kri.

Hoffmann2665d ago

To anyone who never played this game:

Its great and I would call it one of the best jrpgs of the Playstation 2 era.

contradictory2665d ago

actually bought this version just so i can first-hand see how the emulation is being handled.

also because it's freaking Rogue Galaxy
and i really liked it backwhen.. never finished it sadly enough
but i'm planning on finishing it this time.

Wallow2665d ago

Has a similar art style to fire emblem.