New screenshots of PS2 Games on PlayStation 4

Screenshots of Dark Cloud, Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Rogue Galaxy, The Mark of Kri, Twisted Metal Black and War of the Monsters on PS4.

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Letthewookiewin2673d ago

Wow looks really good. Sony went the extra mile and cleaned the games up and added trophies. I'm probably not going to buy any of them because you know, nobody's forcing me too, and if I want to play a PS2 game I plug in my, wait for it, PS2! But apparently there are a lot of people around here that think that notion is absurd.

S2Killinit2673d ago

Im glad they are upscaling these. Gives me new motivation to check out the gems i missed out on. And there are plenty.

Letthewookiewin2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

I hate to say it but it's hard for me to play a game that doesn't have trophies, and this is coming from a guy who got an Atari 2600 for his 4th birthday (Dad bought it for himself and passed it off as a gift to me :) so I've played hundreds without them, but after being exposed to the satisfaction of the trophy ding and having some evidence of my accomplishments I can't bring myself to play play games without them. So that and upscaling are pretty good motivation to grab these.

freshslicepizza2673d ago

i'm sorry but these don't look very good, not $15 good.

S2Killinit2673d ago

Ahhh moldybread one of 4 usual suspects. Welcome, welcome to Playstation article. Thanks for the contributions. Your opinion is always held at the highest regard.

nucky642673d ago

your idea is not absurd at all. I never kept my ps2/ps3 - sold both. I just don't go back to the older games much. what sony is doing will allow me to play the occasional old game if I want without me having to keep an old console (that I would hardly ever use) around the house.

N4GGuy242673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

Get yourself a PS2 slim/phat with component cables. You will have great display from PS2 games. Alternative try get yourself original phat PS3 with backward compatibility. I believe the best option is the first one rather then wasting time with re-releases to make money off you. This is just EA business practices.

_-EDMIX-_2673d ago

Those will make it run 60fps and have trophies?

"rather then wasting time with re-releases to make money off you"

?? Sooooo the basic concept of business? Ummmm sure bud.

RosweeSon2673d ago

They do look pretty great considering their age now. Shame the Star Wars games didn't make the launch maybe they'll be out in the next week or 2.

nucky642673d ago

I'm looking forward to replaying vice city.

Solid_Penguin-642673d ago

Went with SA first, just one of my favorite games ever. Will get Vice later down the road though. Hopefully they'll do Red faction, Darkwatch, Timesplitters and THUG2 :D

nucky642673d ago

no problems there - we all have our favorites.

Sinexx2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

Sony went the extra mile with these, and I was confused on why people were hating on the idea and still confused while reading through some comments earlier on a previous post. They charged us 9.99 for a PS2 game with no extras, just the normal base game on PS3. Now they are charging us 14.99, yet with these they have upped the resolution, given us trophies and allow us to broadcast the game on twitch. Seems like a fair exchange to me for the extra 5 dollars for the extra work they put in on these!

Edit: Looking forward to trying Twisted Metal: Black! Never got to try it when I had a PS2, being a poor 10 year old cut out a lot of classic games.

Letthewookiewin2673d ago

A lot of people complaining are Xbots who don't even own PS4's.

Reddzfoxx2673d ago

Who would pay for ps2 games when you can download an emulator and play them for free. Thanks but no thanks Paystation.

Fin_The_Human2673d ago

I think most PS4 owners just want this have one console to play there ¶s2/and 3 catalog.

IanTH2673d ago

So my disappointment comes from the fact we can't just play games we already own, we should have the option. Either we can play the games we already own for free OR choose to pay for these improved experiences. And it seems a bit disingenuous of them to have talked about PS2 Emulation they way they did, leaving us to expect it should work similarly to the XBOX b/c. They should have said "PS2 Experiences" were coming or something, rather than PS2 Emulation. I still have a bunch of PS2 games I would have liked to play on my PS4. I have other ways to play them, but Sony is now the only player in the space charging you to play games you already own from a previous gen.

WizzroSupreme2673d ago

Sure would be nice to have some PS3 back-compatibility than PS2 on PS4.

RedDevils2673d ago

That not possible with the Cell in the way

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