Why Onimusha Deserves A Next-Gen Reboot

GamersFTW writes - I still remember the first time I played the Onimusha series, a title which even know is still one of the finest examples of the action-adventure genre.

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basilboxer2664d ago

Great article. I love the original Onimusha.. I never played the sequels but I have to agree re Resident Evil style camera angles adding atmosphere and style. I hope they do remake it!

Yukes2664d ago

Loved the proper Onimusha games. The feudal Japan setting with zombies was superb and the combat super smooth. Definitely hope it comes back.

MrsNesbitt2664d ago

Trademark filed? Looking forward to the official re-boot announcement!

Majin-vegeta2664d ago

If not looks like Nioh will be the closest thing we will get to Onimusha.

Italiano12345672664d ago

Yeah I saw that. Looks amazing and looks like a spiritual successor to it....looks real good

Herbalistic2664d ago

I'll take a collection if we can't get a reboot

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The story is too old to be commented.