How Video Games Are Helping New Orleans Rebuild

New Orleans is celebrating 10 years of growth post-Katrina. One of the economic areas the city, as well as the state of Louisiana, has focused on since the Category 5 hurricane caused an estimated $150 billion in damage in 2005 is video game development. The state has offered as much as 35% incentives for game developers interested in starting up new studios or expanding existing studios.

jagiii2921d ago

MLG had a decent Finals in NOLA.


Bethesda's Starfield Quest Designer Jumps Ship and Joins inXile Entertainment

Besthesda's former Starfield quest designer, Veronica Harbison, has jumped ship and has taken a new position at inXile Entertainment.

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IamTylerDurden1230d ago

Probably bc the game is in polishing faze. Non news.

phoenixwing230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

It's interesting news to me. But for ppl invested in console wars its probably boring. Basically the quests for starfield will be very close in ideas to whatever inxile is working on now that she'll be there.

Edit: as long as it's the same genre. Also it tells me whatever inxile is working on involves quests which I'm happy about.

IamTylerDurden1229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

I said non news bc i imagined some would say it's a bad sign for Starfield. I play mostly xb now...

And InXile already has experience in the Fallout wing essentially. They currently make a Fallout spiritual successor as well. They are familiar with this style but rather in a top down form.

InXile always has quests..........

RaidenBlack230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Maybe inXile's future Fallout spin-off ? 🤞🏻 (apart from the current steampunk RPG ofcourse)
(one can only hope, since inXile was originally consisted of ex-Interplay & Black Isle devs, who worked on the OG 1980s Wasteland and 1990s Fallout 1&2 games)

shinoff2183230d ago

Inxile has a steam punk rpg coming?

If true that's dope af. I always enjoyed their wasteland games I'm sure other stuff they've made to that I can't think of.

Christopher230d ago

It's a lateral move anyway (both under the same umbrella). But makes me wonder what InXile is doing more than anything.

Workshyskiver230d ago

This site really is obsessed with individuals moving companies. Its an unfortunate truth in almost all industries that you can improve your terms and remuneration by moving rather than staying put.

Bobertt230d ago

Yeah but for game developers they usually get a big bonus once a game is released so one leaving this late in development could reflect that they don't think it will turn out well enough for the bonus to be worth sticking around for.

rpvenom230d ago

As an ex tech recruiter, that's not necessarily true. They can easily get a sign on bonus from the new company that would roughly match what they would've received should the game turn out successful.

Zeref230d ago

They're still at Xbox. Pretty good chance they'll still get a bonus since the salary is handled by Microsoft.

XbladeTeddy230d ago

Or they just wanted a change because change is good.

dumahim230d ago

Unfortunate? Seems pretty damn good for people to step back and try new things now and then. Maybe company B offered them more money for doing mostly what they were doing with company A.

IamTylerDurden1229d ago

That's why i said non news bc i knew ppl would view it as a negative. Starfield is done and InXile is a former Fallout dev and MS first party. This ain't really shit.

XiNatsuDragnel230d ago

Maybe inXile has a big goat project that's going to be hype

phoenixwing230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

That would be cool. I hope it's medieval fantasy or steam renaissance. Something set in olden days. Not that I wouldn't play something with advanced tech but I prefer the former.

AgitUzumaki230d ago

There are some rumors that they are developing a steampunk type of game.

Obscure_Observer230d ago

"I hope it's medieval fantasy or steam renaissance."

Possibly both. Rumors are that InXile is working on two RPGs. One is an established IP and the other is a new steampunk AAA RPG.

shinoff2183230d ago

I'd prefer almost a future steampunk kind of setting. I personally just feel the olden days especially medieval games are a dime a dozen there's so many. Not to say I wouldn't play it

CrimsonWing69230d ago

I don’t know if game journalists know this, but it’s quite normal for people in the industry to move between companies. Hell, some are only contracted for a single game and have to find another job after the project is finished.

Surprised you didn’t do an article about the Devil May Cry battle director jumping ship from Capcom to Square Enix

dumahim230d ago

"I don’t know if game journalists know this, but it’s quite normal for people in the industry to move between companies."

So they shouldn't report on it? I don't know if you know, but it's quite normal for a news article to just be news.

CrimsonWing69230d ago

The more you know, amirite?

Thundercat77230d ago

Another one leaving Xbox 😯.

In a few years Xbox's Bethesda is going to be a shadow of their former group just like Rare.

gangsta_red230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

"Another one leaving Xbox 😯."

Leaving Xbox to join Xbox? Not the flex I think you want here.

Workshyskiver230d ago

Lol you do realise he is going to another Xbox Game Studios?

Othegamer5230d ago

you guys are embarrassing. just reaching

Obscure_Observer230d ago

"Another one leaving Xbox 😯."

Epic Facepalm*