Why Resolution-gate is Ridiculous

"Since the launch of Xbox One, lots has been made about the resolution that we play games at. Fans of Sony’s latest console, the Playstation 4, have taken great joy pointing out how some games run at a higher resolution on that console than on our beloved Xbox Ones. While I can’t deny that the PS4 more consistently runs games at 1080p, I really don’t think it matters that much. Let me explain" -- Xbox Enthusiast.

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Herbalistic3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

The performance thing isn't new to this gen being as 360 had advantage on multi platform games last gen..There were plenty of people making fun of sub hd on PS3 versions of games..I remember people used go to Lensoftruth and many other sites to see which machine had the advantage and lots of Xbox guys/girls were happy to gloat.

Fatdrinkofwater3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

Id say a lot of the people that gloated about such things last gen with the 360 switched to ps4 this gen to continue being able to gloat about having the best when they heard ps4 was more powerful.

The same attitudes are coming from the ps4 side now so i bet its the same people they just go whatevers more powerful then talk down on anything 'inferior'

People should just be happy to have what they like theres no need to be rude about it and make fun of other platforms.

I mean you go to a pc lan party and you dont make fun of someone cuz u got a better gpu than they do cuz in the end u playing the same game and u just play nd have fun.

CaptainObvious8783154d ago

I'd actually disagree that those 360 fans switched to the PS4 to keep gloating. The reason? It wasn't bad last gen, but now, when the different is a lot bigger and actually makes a real difference, it's all of a sudden a petty thing to discuss.

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dirkdady3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

This is different- PS3 and 360 games were mostly the same resolutions just some differences in filters, AA, performance at times due to some devs not optimizing for cell initially. Most large dev houses moved to the PS3 as lead platform later on to improve dev cycle as it's easier to start on PS3 to build the gAme to use all the cell cores and port to 360 then the other way around.

Case in point - Battlefield 4 one of the last beautiful looking last gen game runs much better on PS3 than 360 -

This gen the ps4 and Xbox one hardware components are in different tiers or class from the memory to GPU.

Fatdrinkofwater3153d ago

Your joking right? The gap this gen is way smaller than last gen. Most games for the majority of the generation were much better on 360 with higher resolutions and better frame rates and graphical effects.

Only the last legs of the generation did things turn around as devs had a better understanding of the ps3 hardware plus they had more space on the blu ray disc compared to 360 dvd.

Thats why whenever anyone quotes games being better on ps3 they are late gen games such as gta 5, battlefield 4 ect..

the differences this gen are MUCH smaller. Most games are identical save for some multiplats having lower resolutions.

However we are dealing with much higher resolutions compared to last gen so the ppi ratio is much higher so its harder to tell the difference, compared to last gen the pixels were much larger from the lower resolutions so differences were much easier to notice.

CEO of ID software even said the consoles are practically identical when used to their full potential.

Trouble is neither console is being used to its full potential yet and its more noticeable with xb1.

I blame the ddr3 + esram setup being hard to master resulting in lower resolution but i don't think this will last. Just like the ps3 was hard to work with at first the same can be said for the xb1.

Fatdrinkofwater3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

Honestly both consoles last gen were awesome. I love my ps3 just as i love my 360. Don't worry about these differences they are really minor at the end of the day and really don't matter. I didn't mean to rant and get a bit off topic but seriously the gap this gen is so much smaller than it was last gen.

Most people cannot tell the difference this gen when put side by side. You have to be told what to look for or get under a microscope to count the pixels because that's how small the differences are.

That says a lot.

Vaneriuz3153d ago

Many seem to have forgotten that multiplatform games were better on the PS3 the last few years of the last generation, it even had more sales eventually. Plus better exclusives, and more exclusives (by far).

I own all consoles though. All consoles have their charm and great games :)

Fatdrinkofwater3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

You are right and i did mention that the ps3 had the superior versions at the end of the gen :) 1st party games really shined all gen long but the multiplats suffered especially early on due to being ported from 360 and the cell being hard to code for and needing more resources so would sometimes end up not as polished in comparison.

My earlier point was that its a slightly similar situation with games being made for ps4 then ported to xb1 and coming out a bit rough due to xb1 being harder to code for with esram split memory setup and not getting as much resources and time to optimize.

And heck yeah Ps3 had so many great exclusives such a great console :)

Why o why3153d ago

The differences are larger this gen. . End of.

People who say the opposite tend to be those who can't accept or acknowledge how the differences were celebrated last gen. . The want people to think the disparities are smaller to somehow justify their celebrations whilst trying to paint the current celebrations as unwarranted or over the top

Clunkyd3153d ago

I never understood why would someone brag about how powerful their PC is. In the real world, people would just laugh at you. What an embarrassment. lol

Fatdrinkofwater3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

Why oh why the gap is so much smaller this gen. All multiplats are either 99% the same or completely identical on both systems. If you think the gap is wider this gen then you clearly dont have both systems and your just fooling yourself.

Phunkydiabetic13153d ago

Pfff hahahahahaha. I wouldnt consider a near consistent 44% difference in resolution a small gap. Thats without getting into the numerous other advantages. Let me guess you own an Xbox One?

Fatdrinkofwater3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

I own both and just for the record resolution is just ONE factor. The actual graphics, you know the taxing stuff, is IDENTICAL on both platforms.

44% difference in res is not 44% harder to achieve and nore does it look 44% better because the ppi ratio at 900p looks very similar to 1080p. And the image gets upscaled anyway if its sub native 1080 by the xbox then enhanced again by the tv so in person its almost impossible to tell.

There are loads of 1080p native games on xb1 but the issues xb1 has with res on multiplats is a bandwidth/optimizing issue and that is something that will be overcome in time.

720p is a different story but 900p vs 1080p is very minimal in person to notice if at all depending on how well the image is presented. Batman arkham knight and the witcher 3 are good examples of how it looks identical regardless of differemce in resolution.

I dont have a problem with one being more powerful its always been the case. Ps3 had sharper graphics on a lot of exclusives too but the gap this gen is serverely overblown and you all act like its a huge thing when its not.

And what are these numurous other advantages you speak of? Bs is what it is. And ita usually always due to a poorly optimized port from ps4 to xb1.

The consoles are closer than ever this gen.

rainslacker3152d ago


It's almost inevitable that for any moderate to big game release, and sometimes indie releases, we'll see an article claiming fairly large differences between the PS4 and X1 versions of a game. Last gen the differences were reported by Digital Foundary mostly, and it usually came down to textures, blades of grass, lighting effects, and the random frame drops. A few games had glaring flaws in one version or another, which were used as proof by some that one system was better than the other.

This gen, the differences are differences between 30 and 60 fps, 720, 900, and 1080 resolutions, textures, and lighting, and in almost every case, the differences are much more substantial than the minuscule things being discussed last gen.

It's possible to go back and read the entirety of N4G articles from last gen using a search function which I hear has been improved. Perhaps you should do so, because it sounds like you are trying to change a narrative that is pretty well known around these parts.

Last gen, I would have never considered the differences to be glaring, nor allowed it to change my consideration on which was "better". But this gen, the differences are substantial by orders of magnitudes in some cases.

Fatdrinkofwater3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

But the differences are less noticeable this gen rainslacker. Thats my point.

And the differences we see between a game being 30 and 60 is bollox marketing. Tomb raider for example is rubbish performance ranging from low 30s to a high of 60 but averaging around 45fps.

XB1 in this case is locked at a solid 30 the whole time. So if unlocked it could go higher too but what would be the point if its unstable like the ps4 version. In the end it was a dev decision to cap xb1 at 30.

And what games have different textures and lighting between both consoles? From everything ive seen its identical on both platforms bar resolution for some multiplats. Ive even seen instances where xb1 has better colours ie gta5 or some games xb1 has better AF.

last gen the ppi ratio was much lower than this gen so a difference in resolution was much more noticeable. where as this gen the ppi ratio is much higher with most multiplats being 900p vs 1080p which to most people cant see the difference once its upscaled and displayed on a tv.

Its been proven over and over that most people cant tell the difference in person between the consoles to the point where there have been blind tests and people swore the xb1 version was the ps4 version.

The issues with xb1 from what i can tell and have seen in past generations is simply teething issues going from one generation where things are done a certain way to a new gen where you need to learn new ways of doing things. The first couple of years are always rough as devs get used to hardware and game engines are improved to cater for new hardware and newer techniques and graphical effects.

The ps4 is very strait forward to optimize for in comparison to the xb1 being more complicated and the end result is a poorly optimized port on the xb1 console. again something that will improve over the course of the generation.

On paper the differences sound big. However in real life the differences are very minor to the point where a lot of people simply cant tell the difference and people have to be told what to look for or the magnifying glass pixel counter has to come out.

the real world difference between these consoles is tiny.

Im not denying the ps4 has the edge, but the xb1 is not far behind at all.

People on here acting like its a massive difference like ps2 vs xbox original when its just not.

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moparful993154d ago

As soon as I read this article my exact first thought was so now that the Xbox brand is on the wrong side of the resolution argument suddenly it's overblown?

Hypocrisy is something that a lot of these people don't seem to comprehend, and if they do they are outright ignoring how blatant they are being in it.

It was an everyday exercise to log onto N4G, see an article bashing the PS3's supposed inferiority in the graphics department, and then have to feverishly defend Sony's honor in the comments. In fact defending the PS3 was mostly what I did on here for YEARS. It bugs me to this day thinking about it.

Instead of coming here for news and to share experiences and thoughts with other like minded people it was a perpetual political debate. I grew very very tired of it and took an extended hiatus from this site.

Today the shoe is on the other foot so too speak, and it's unfortunately status quo, but now it's the other side having to defend their console maker's honor. I don't know if it's woeful ignorance or if they are truly that blatant in their hypocrisy. I try not to judge before knowing enough but I generally try to give most of the people on this site enough credit as to how knowledgeable they are in regards to video games.

All I know is this bickering, mud slinging, and infighting is getting very old.

Jerredh3153d ago

The fact you bothered defending a console from lunatic fanboys instead of ignoring the comments is kinda pathetic. My only console at the moment is an xbox one and i could give a s##t what people think. If you argue over resolution and whos toy is better then you are worse than 5 year olds arguing as you are supposed to be an mature adult, not a pathetic grown child.

Rhythmattic3153d ago


Arguing over resolutions?

There is no such thing. After all, most Console multi platform titles are in fact at a higher resolution on PS4 compared to Xone....

Put simply, that is not an argument but a fact.

rainslacker3152d ago

"I don't know if it's woeful ignorance or if they are truly that blatant in their hypocrisy."

Probably both. Some people will feel one way, some people will do it for another reason. When you generalize the group like that, it makes it seem like they are all like that. About the only way to avoid that is to see how that person is through that time.

Then there are the cases where people just stopped caring, and it's not a big deal anymore, which isn't really hypocrisy, but those people tend to be rare, and I will admit, many do defend with quite the religious fervor.

And lastly, you have those new types who weren't participating, or weren't around back then, so they come in with their own views, and they, like their predecessors will bring their preferences into their arguments.

Unfortunately, it's not a catch all to assume one thing is what's going on, and a lot of people assume it's all a single group think, as opposed to just calling out people on an individual level which is easier to do.

Generalizing is great for some arguments, because it does lessen the need to qualify one's statements, since most people do know the types you may be talking about, but unfortunately, in console war arguments, those generalizations get twisted around to try and make one look misinformed or stupid.

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PistolsAtDawn3154d ago

It was stupid then too, but at least then you could see the differences without looking at them side by side, freeze-framed etc. I get that PS has a higher Res if there is a difference...but that doesn't happen all that often...and even less often does it really amount to anything. There are so many aspects to gaming that ANY ONE of them is more important than the graphical differences we have seen this gen...in fact simply changing my tv made TONS more difference than any difference I've ever seen between my two consoles.

Fanboyism will always exist, because really it has nothing to do with gaming at all...the thing I personally notice more than any other gen is how much people will actively try to convince you NOT to get the console they don't prefer. It's like fanboys this gen are actively trying to kill gaming, but don't even realize it. I get having a preference, but the telling people they are "wrong" for liking something else is just dumb IMO.

3154d ago
Stogz3153d ago

Lol @chrinicrhinitis, yup glad I'm not the only one that sees thru this guy's fanboy BS. Always acts like he's above it when he's just as bad as the worst of them....

angelusbrz3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

So you leave IGN because you got raped by facts to land here ? damn fanboys are terrible, here for you a new 900p vs 1080p situation in image:


alvgamin4lif3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

Dude you're a fanboy yourself...
Also when someone says "you're wrong" on the internet, it doesn't mean the end of the world. It's just a different opinion (unless that person is a troll).
"I hope someone takes a snapshot of this comment thread for next gen." - This comment of yours shows how much of a fanboy you are...

"Fanboyism will always exist, because really it has nothing to do with gaming at all...the thing I personally notice more than any other gen is how much people will actively try to convince you NOT to get the console they don't prefer. It's like fanboys this gen are actively trying to kill gaming, but don't even realize it. I get having a preference, but the telling people they are "wrong" for liking something else is just dumb IMO"

Nobody is forcing you. And this happened last gen too...

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dirkdady3154d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

I agree.

BoriboyShoGUN3153d ago

Graphics have always mattered! Isn't that why we upgrade every generation?? A lot of factors influenced my decision to go Sony this gen and system power definitely was one of them.

sammarshall1023153d ago

People aren't saying graphics don't matter though

It's just that the resolutions don't really show a significant difference

Azzanation3153d ago

The difference between last gen performance gaps and this gen performance gaps is massive. Last gen it wasn't just the resolution that the 360 had over the PS3. It also didn't help when Sony claims the PS3 was more powerful. That was the problem last gen.

This gen the only differences is a minor resolution jump and a slight framerate advantage. There is basically no difference between the PS4 and XB1 with the naked eye unlike last gen which was a completely different story.