10 of the Best Playstation 4 Exclusive Titles so Far

For people who may be picking up a PlayStation 4 soon, here are some of the best Sony exclusives that have released on the platform in the last two years.

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capitanandi2736d ago

Resogun is my jam. It's one of those "okay, one more level" type of arcade games for me.

skcej2736d ago

I was sooo happy with how Until Dawn turned out. And Resogun is so damn good too.

Player3Podcast2736d ago

Until Dawn was the biggest surprise of the year for me.

MisfitsInc2735d ago

can we get the Cliffs Notes version to avoid all the clicking?

WizzroSupreme2735d ago

I know that whenever I do get around to getting a PS4, Bloodborne is at the top of my wish list.

jb2272734d ago

I've got one, I just wish I had the skills to actually play Bloodborne haha...I feel like it's apparently so difficult & punishing that I wouldn't be able to make it very far into the game. I know it's probably sacrilege to even suggest it, but I kinda wish there were difficulty settings that allowed a novice gamer like myself to play through it.

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