Phoenix Games reviews NCAA Football 09

This is how college football feels.

"There wasn't much football going on at Towson State University, my alma mater. Sure, we had a team. But I didn't notice. There is, however, such a thing as college football mania. I got to see it up close when my friend, J.P., nearly had a nervous breakdown while watching his Georgia Bulldogs lose a game. I could care less. But the nice thing about sports video games is that, when done right, they appeal to die hard fans of the sport and also to those of us who are just fans of gaming."

Historically, no one does this better than EA Sports.

With NCAA Football 09, they've done it again.

Here are some quick highlights:

* Players have an impressive amount of agility and maneuvers, making it easy to make evasive and impromptu movements.

* The defense is tough. Really tough. Expect hard hits and turnovers.

* Quarterback Quiz - a mini-game aimed at serious football strategists - is a fantastic addition that gives you a chance to buck up your quarterback after an interception.

* Do not underestimate the power of the home crowd.

* Do not underestimate the power of effective time-outs.

* Coke Zero Mascot Mash Up - Animated character chaos at its best.

* Special teams mini-games (Think HORSE with field goals instead of basketballs)

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