Bionic Commando Rearmed gets more content on PC - Gamers will get free DLC

Videogamer writes: "Capcom has gone some way to calm PC gamers angered by recent news which confirmed Bionic Commando Rearmed will be $5 more expensive on PC.

Yes, PC gamers will be asked to cough-up more money up front, but free PC-specific downloadable content will be offered.

"I can give you a song and dance about PC digital content being more expensive as a general rule... but nobody wants to hear that crap. I can say this: for the PC version we are planning on uploading some additional PC-only challenge rooms via a free patch so you will get more bang for your buck," Bionic Commando Rearmed producer Ben Judd explained."

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chaosatom3721d ago

I would love a contra remake with better graphics. i played that game for so long with my brother.

haven't really bought any platformer. So i'll pick this up.

Developers should make more games like this.

VampHuntD3721d ago

They are getting the same amount of bang for their buck, it's just they spend more buck and the extra content bang will occur later so I guess it equals out. Still sucks if you wanted in on PC though.