Contrary to Popular Belief, Horror Adventure Asylum is Not Dead

Serena Nelson writes: "It appears that many people are starting to think that development of Asylum is dead in the water. Sure, the lack of assets doesn't help much and the delays are less than encouraging to those of us who aren't well versed in the way crowdfunding is usually handled in regards to gaming, but the fact that news and screenshots are slowly trickling down to us backers should be some indication that Agustin and company didn't just take the money and run off to R'leyh to wake up Cthulhu. In fact, there's reason for his madness. Usually."

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WizzroSupreme1236d ago

It is? Huh, the more you know.

s45gr321236d ago

Yay, I was giving up on this game. If it plays like Serena that would be amazing.