Star Wars Battlefront Won't Bring Balance To The Force, But It Looks Amazing - MP1st Review

MP1st - Battlefront is back. No, not the 2004 shooter from Pandemic Studios, but a fresh and modern take on one of Star Wars’ most beloved video game series, this time from the reputable studio that brought you shooters like Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4.

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venom062063d ago

it looks amazing and plays just as good.. more content is needed, but it's definitely fun..

corroios2063d ago

I dont care about the reviews. Im having lots of fun playing this game. Could it have more content?, Yes, but im having fun!!!!

DeToX4202061d ago

That's fine you just like casual games nothing to be ashamed about let your casual flag fly high.

Ristul2063d ago

I feel a disturbance in the force, what is this... Battlefront?

vikingland12063d ago


Nah I kid I like for what it is, just plain ol fun.

MasterD9192063d ago

Can we get a real sequel to the Battlefront series though? This game was basically Battlefield: Star Wars edition...