Rumor: Amazon Changes Dates For Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Dragon Quest 7 & 8 3DS

Care to wager when the PlayStation 4 remake of Final Fantasy VII will be released? How about the Nintendo 3DS releases of Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII? Amazon apparently has some idea.

As of right now, they are taking pre-orders for the game, with a placeholder date of December 30, 2016. It seems unlikely that the highly anticipated remake would release at the last day of the year, compared to, say, around the Black Friday holiday period. So, it’s more likely that Amazon believes the game will be out before 2017.

Previously, Amazon actually listed the game for a January 2, 2017 release. Of course, details are scanty on the game‘s development and progress, so we wouldn’t have a way to gauge if this is likely or not publicly.

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AizenSosuke1235d ago

Hmm if this is true that's a bummer.

DarkOcelet1234d ago

2016 is filled with amazing games from the beginning till the end. So waiting for those games wont be bad.

Kamikaze1351235d ago

Nintendo already announced they would both come on 2016 - summer for VII and late 2016 for VIII

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Atomicjuicer1234d ago

Lol Amazon havent a clue. FF7 wont be til 2018.

1234d ago
deathtok1234d ago

It would be great if sites stopped reporting on this... Amazon has been using year-end placeholder dates for 10 years.

gprime1234d ago

Agreed. This isn't news. This isn't even a rumour. This is just clickbait.

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