MTV Multiplayer: Game Diary: Loophole In The 'Madden' Test

Stephen Totilo from MTV Multiplayer writes:

"The computer brain of "Madden NFL 09" thinks I'm really good at video game football.

It is wrong.

The Madden Test, a new feature in this year's "Madden," was designed to help flawed "Madden" gamers like myself share just enough about their gaming abilities so that the game could craft a personalized difficulty setting. It's a great idea that doesn't quite work.

The test consists of four challenges, two offensive and two defensive. When I first took the test I participated in offensive rushing and passing drills. And wouldn't you know it: the game thought I was great! It classified me as performing at the highest All-Madden level on offense."

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KillahCam3723d ago

I couldn't agree more they could have been a little bit more innovative with this feature and the defensive drills are flawed horribly, when your the linebacker you cant even get to the quarterback so it's pointless.

outlawlife3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

i have this very same complaint, the so called adaptation doesn't adapt very well at all to your actual abilities

the madden "test" gives you the answers so it isn't the most accurate way of approximating someone's ability