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Just Cause 3 is at the top of its game when it comes to explosions and over-the-top action moves.

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-Foxtrot2020d ago

Talks about it being MGSV 10/10


Aloy-Boyfriend2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

The inconsistencies with IGN reviews lol. I'll wait for Game Informer or Angry Joe reviews. Not getting this Day 1 due to the performance issues, sadly

Grap2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

IGN loves to ride kojima.. MGS was very repetitive actually the game only had like 10 unique mission.

Vegamyster2020d ago

Different reviewer, that said MGSV was very repetitive.

BiggerBoss2020d ago

You sound upset. 8/10 is a great score. I loved Jc2 so will def be picking this up at some point.

LAWSON722020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Difference, JC3 is not MGS. It is not a refined game with genre defining gameplay and expertly crafted game design.

OhMyGandhi2020d ago

...says the person with the MGS avatar.

Captain_TomAN942020d ago

It's ok Lawson72, some people don't like the truth.

It's like some people don't get why Bloodborne got higher reviews than say Fallout 4. No it wasn't as long of an open world game, but the time you spent playing was SOOOO much more refined and perfected.

Bimkoblerutso2020d ago

I didn't think MGS was all that good an example of open world gaming, to be honest. It was once again one of the best STEALTH games ever created, but Just Cause does a much better job of highlighting the strengths of an open world.

clockward1002020d ago

Not just that they gave mad max 8.4 and didnt even hardly mention the repativeness on that review lol

Captain_TomAN942020d ago

Hahaha please! That game had so much stuff to do it was stupid!

It only got repetitive after 60-100 hours of gameplay. I guess sorry about that?

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Plagasx2020d ago

Don't care. It's Just Cause 3. I had a blast with 2.

FullmetalRoyale2020d ago

Got JC2 via ps+, and since knew I'd be getting the next one. Very glad to support the developer.

Gaming4Life19812020d ago

I said I was done buying games this year but I might have to give this a go. I have never played a just cause game but this looks like good fun.

My backlog is so ridiculous right now between pc , Xbox one and ps4.

OldGuyStillGaming2020d ago

Have we had a game that didn't have bugs?

Aenea2020d ago

Have had an unicorn?

Games without bugs don't exist and since the games keep getting bigger and more complex with more code that could contain bugs, it will contain more bugs.

I just wish though developers would allow themselves more time before releasing, that way they might be able to squash the more obvious bugs and optimise more...

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Ozmoses2020d ago

I had a blast with Just Cause 2 so I'm getting it regardless.

I'm actually heading to Gamestop in a few minutes or so to go pick it up.

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