Performance Analysis: Just Cause 3

Digital foundry :
What's clear is that neither version of Just Cause 3 is able to sustain a locked 30fps, but it is indeed the Xbox One release that offers a noticeably lower level of in-game fluidity. In our tests, we've compared both cut-scenes and gameplay, and our lowest recorded drop occurs on Xbox One, where a massive explosion sends us plummeting to 20fps, while PS4 plateaus to 24fps in entirely different circumstances - with CPU power the likely culprit for bottlenecked performance there.

In between shoot-outs, both editions mostly hold at 30fps, but once things kick off, it's clear that Microsoft's machine struggles to a more noticeable extent. It's a little disappointing that neither version of the game can stick to its target frame-rate - high tempo combat with lots of performance-sapping alpha transparencies cause issues on both machines - but it's clear that PlayStation 4 has the edge in sustaining target performance more consistently.

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NewMonday3154d ago

"What's particularly disappointing is that even in areas with little or nothing going on, Xbox One can still have issues - moving into a forest area and spinning around on the spot can cause the engine's performance to drop to the mid-20s, while PlayStation 4 retains the lion's share of its performance"

Cindy-rella3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

I saw a lot of people bragging and saying that this game performs better on the xbox one than the ps4. I havent any interest in this at all but was baffled by the thought of people bragging about a badly optimized game performance being better on a weaker system than the ps4.

Time and time again i see people still expecting the weaker xbox one hardware to outperform the ps4s when its factually the most powerful console ever made. Some fanat-X still play the waiting game over and over predicting that multiplatform titles will perform better on the xbox one but time and time again they are let down by the true results when they are reminded that the ps4 is a more powerful machine than the xbox one. Soon we'll be hearing about the cloud and dx12 will make xbox one outperform 4 gtx980ti

Every game performs better on the ps4 if its a multiplatform title on xbox one and ps4 because the ps4 is way more powerful than the xbox one. If there is a chance a game performance is better on the xbox one than the ps4 then it was poorly optimized and has nothing to do with hardware limitations of the ps4 hardware. Id only be interested in playing just cause 3 on pc in 4k resolution if i had a 4k tele

uptownsoul3154d ago

Of the last several AAA multiplats...All of them have better frame rates on PS4 (AC:Syndicate, Black Ops 3, Fallout 4, Battlefront 3 & now Just Cause 3)...

And the people who were bragging about XB1 having better frame rates used the supposed "CPU Power" as their reason. Well I guess that myth is busted

Bansai3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

The game performs like crap on both platforms, the PS4 crap is just more shiny and "solid" [lol].

Unacceptable, I'm tired of these half-assed ports, not buying.

DivineAssault 3154d ago

Glad digital foundry does videos now so its crystal clear.. I agree that there is no point in xb fans to sit and wait for that "A HA!" moment.. I say they should just buy a PS4 because next year is going to drive them into insanity..

kenwonobi3153d ago

@DivineAssault this is gonna especially true with all these next games in 2016 using the PS4 7th core. Let alone the vast exclusives lineup. It's like a complete reversal of what Xbox did this year. Only all that still didn't work for Xbox. Now Sony is quickly on its way to secret sauce article, exclusive huge year, and Virtual Reality.

Haru3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

yeah I remember all those cheap websites writing negative articles about just cause 3's perfomance on ps4 as beind worse than on xbone just to gain clicks, glad df is showing the middle finger to all of them now

badz1493153d ago

The comparison shows nothing from the loading screen. Let me tell you this, while the better performing PS4 version is gladly welcomed, they should sort out the problem with long loading time on the PS4. I mention PS4 because I don't know how it goes on the xbone, not trying to be a fanboy or anything.

The loading times varied a lot depending on the scenario from ok(around 10 sec) to absolutely ridiculous(over 2+ minutes)!! These occur a lot when retrying challenges and outdoor challenges seem to suffer the most! Shooting range challenges load in seconds but I waited 3 or so minutes while the challenge using the boat loads! The tipsy loading screens played over and over, it was annoying! Playing via remote play is worst and really...I don't want to go there!

I hope they can rectify this issue quick because I'm starting to lose my interest playing due to these horrible load times!

audiocafe3153d ago

"Soon we'll be hearing about the cloud and dx12 will make xbox one outperform 4 gtx980ti"

Actually I've already heard a fanboy claiming that the Xbox One with DX12 and the Cloud will outperform 4 Titan X's :/ I wish I were joking.

DOMination-3153d ago

I think people were assuming because Mad Max supposedly performs very well on xb1

candystop3153d ago

What does Xb1 and cloud have to do with this terrible performing game? What cloudtech on XB1 hopefully does will be incredible if it works of course. No need to shake your head about its potential.

Ot: this game is nothing to brag about either! I do want to see how Crackdown 3 destruction looks in action because if it doesn't dip with much much more going on then this game, it will be extremely impressive.

UltraNova3153d ago

I'm seriously getting frustrated with Sony's and MS's decision to go with a tablet APU for this gen.

Disappointing doesn't even begin describing it.

What? I'm suppose to be happy because the ps4 hovers over 25fps and xb1 over 20?

God damn it I hope they fix this next time around. I'd be happy to pay 500-600 for a true 1080pk60fps at Ultra quality settings console! (for those who hope for 4k/60fps I sure hope you done holding your breath)

Volkama3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

@UltraNova while I share your opinion (and would pay over-the-top for a 4k60 machine lol), it's maybe worth ushering you over to the PC hardware section. Just Cause 3 is multiplatform :)

UltraNova3153d ago


Hehe thanks for the 'pointer' my friend ;-)

As I made abundantly clear in my original post, my issue is with the console versions not the PC, where there's plenty of horsepower to exploit and patch till it gets better.

cyph233153d ago

pussy, go get some...

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ABizzel13154d ago

This is one of those games that's simply best to get on PC, simply for the mod community.

frostypants3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

Well sure, if your PC can run it. But the minimum GPU spec is an HD 7870. That's pretty steep for a minimum (and who knows how it actually performs on that).

ABizzel13153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )


So did the Witcher 3, but it can be played on plenty of GPUs much weaker than a 7870.

The purpose of the minimum specs are simply to give you a solid 1080p @ +40fps with high settings, for a great looking consistent experience.

That doesn't mean the game can't run, play, and look good with lower-end GPUs.

Of course there are graphics mods, but when you have things like:

*FPS mod,
*Crazy Civilian mod (all civilians act as another player),
*A black market mod that let's you buy / or freely get any weapon or vehicle or even soldiers in the game,
*God Mode when you just want to do crazy stuff,
*Spiderman mod (yes),
*Superman mod (yes fly and everything),
*And even a multiplayer mod.

It's just one of those games that even if your PC can only run it at low settings, it's better to get on PC. And as always you can get a GTX 750 Ti for about $100 now, and turn your generic PC into a fairly capable gaming running performance on par with XBO / PS4 in most games.

It's just one of those games that get significantly more value out of the PC modding community. If you have a desktop PC lying around, do yourself a favor and buy a 750 Ti and start playing games with big modding communities on them.

81BX3153d ago

Yeah, this game seems to run not so great on either console. I like how some are applauding this performance to fit their childish agenda.

Stringerbell3153d ago

Agreed. Barring the odd sports game lokks like all my multiplats will be PC. 30fps is unacceptable for me.

kraenk123153d ago


Isn't a 7870 about 4 years old or so?!

ABizzel13152d ago


Just about, it'll be 4 years old March 2016. It's still a tier 6 GPU by today's standards (PS4 is tier 7, XBO is tier 8, right along with the 750 Ti).

But Tier 6 - 8 GPUs can frequently be found for around $100 throughout the year, so anyone who has / has had a gaming PC in the last 5 - 7 years should easily be able to pick up a GPU around that performance.

I think I'm going to make a 3 series PC blog to help people who know absolutely nothing about PC build turn a basic desktop they have in the home, into a fairly capable gaming PC.

Off to do some data gathering.

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MK24ever3154d ago

Considering PS4 is 1080P and Xbox 900P I wonder how much better would PS4 version be if pushing the 900P only.

frostypants3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

It would be nice if console devs would offer that option as a typical video setting. Not asking for PC-like customization, but at least let us choose whether to prioritize framerate or resolution.

ProjectVulcan3154d ago

Pretty sure being a paid professional console game developer your job description includes you know, making sure the game runs properly on the platform it is developed for....Seems a lot of them these days apparently missed this point

Pixelart3153d ago

If it's CPU bound it won't make a frames worth of difference.

kenwonobi3153d ago

This is a valid conversation. I think PS4 users in particular should be given that option of gameplay vs resolution.