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How Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony Succeeded With New IP in 2015

One of the writers at Middle of Nowhere Gaming takes a look at how the big three console manufacturers succeeded with new IP this year. Do you agree?

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Community3148d ago
PhoenixUp3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

Microsoft didn't succeed with any new AAA IP this year. Their entire exclusive lineup was based on pre-existing IPs, unless you want to include an indie title like Ori.

Meanwhile Nintendo succeeded with a new AAA IP in Splatoon and Sony succeeded the most with new AAA IPs like The Order: 1886, Bloodborne and Until Dawn.

Fro_xoxo3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

The headline didn't divide the games into categories as you've done. It doesn't say AAA or Indie.

Just New IPs.


AAA or Indie, on a ratio, more people would probably agree that Ori is a better game than The Order.. Dividing the games into categories doesn't diminish their value or quality.

jb2273147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Regardless of Ori's success (not an actual exclusive by the way considering its PC release), you have 3 AAA new ip's from Sony this year (one of which possesses one of the highest metascores of the year, topping Ori along w/ most others), along w/ games like Everybody's Gone to the Rapture in the indie new ip realm.

On a ratio, that's 4:1 even if you don't include any classifications regarding AAA & indie.

mikel10153148d ago

The Order didn't succeed. There's no proof to say it was. They couldn't even say it met expectations, only "on its way" which anyone can say.

Gazondaily3148d ago

"Sony succeeded the most with new AAA IPs like The Order: 1886, Bloodborne and Until Dawn."

You think The Order was a success?? O_O

rainslacker3148d ago

The order sold over a million copies at retail, and did pretty decent with digital numbers although can't remember what those were. i'd call that fairly successful for a new IP.

People that played it generally seem to like it, or at least see potential in the IP, and for people thinking an IP has potential, that generally denotes success.

But I suppose just because you didn't like it, and a lot of people that didn't play it want to downplay it, it was a total bomb.

But please, explain why a new IP selling well is not a success, and use your opinions of the game as anecdotal evidence to assume that everyone hated the game.

I don't know what's come over you, but this whole week, all your comments are reducing you to nothing more than a rabid fan boy. I used to love reading your comments, and even respected your reasoning, but it seems you are not feeling well, or maybe someone hacked your account.

Spotie3148d ago

What's your criteria for success, Septic?

gangsta_red3147d ago (Edited 3145d ago )


"The order sold over a million copies at retail,"

Proof? And even if over a million, does that mean it was enough to cover production cost and warrant The Order being a success? Do you know this for a fact? For someone who claims to always shed information and try and inform people outside of their bubble you sure do cast a huge steel shell over yourself.

"But I suppose just because you didn't like it, and a lot of people that didn't play it want to downplay it, it was a total bomb."

More generalization and defense because someone doesn't share an over enthusiastic opinion of game on a Sony system that you personally like, as usual.

"I don't know what's come over you, but this whole week, all your comments are reducing you to nothing more than a rabid fan boy."

How ironic...because I thought the same way about you. In the past at least your comments were information about the game industry and personal experience but as of late all your comments are nothing more than just defending Sony and accusing people of not owning or playing a PS4 and all based on a few comments that doesn't praise the system.

Then we have you aligning yourself with Digital and Spotie, two well known hardcore Sony followers and well, let's just say your credibility just hit the fanboy dirt bottom.

Realms3147d ago

At least Sony is willing to try something new with the order. Unlike MS that is only now starting to see the value of developing new IP's. They are far behind in that respect that they have to get timed exclusivity for games that are third party instead of developing their own.

rainslacker3146d ago



I used VGChartz as a source, but the game sold 500K copies it's first week. Given the way games sell over a period of time, I would think that the 1.2 million that VGChartz attributes to it is rather on the low side, which is why I didn't cite a specific number.

Was that enough to cover production costs? I don't know. What were the production costs for the game? How much was fronted by Sony and how much by R@D for the design and creation of their engine? Most of the marketing was done by Sony, but that marketing was certainly tied to the release of the console, so it could have been written off in that way, as those things are normal, and I think it's fair to say, that before the huge negativity campaign for the game, that marketing was viable and successful, or at least meaningful in some way.

Then of course there's this

I don't know what it's sales goals were, but I'd imagine it was over 1 million copies. But hey, if you have some speculative data which I should think of as fact, please do share. Better yet, if you have some firm data that would be better.

"More generalization and defense because someone doesn't share an over enthusiastic opinion of game on a Sony system that you personally like, as usual"

Maybe you should reread my quote. It wasn't generalization, but actually rather calling out Septics views based on his own anecdotal evidence. I know a lot of people that criticized the game didn't play it, because the stuff they say just isn't in the game, or the game wasn't like that. There are certainly people that played it that didn't like it, or were disappointed in it though.

For the rest of it, get over yourself. You're mad I called you out in another thread and now you're trying to turn the tables on me to make it seem like I'm some sort of hypocrite. I've always called out the baseless idiocy like Septic has been saying this past week, and I have done so to you many times.

rainslacker3146d ago

I would be happy to share my experiences on here, but since no one cares, and even when I explicitly have done so for you, it has done nothing to change your hyperbolic comments of fan boy delusion. I know you are capable of better comments, but seems you prefer to keep going back to this fan boy ritual of misinformation and over-generalization in the form of expressing opinions as facts, then getting all worked up when someone expresses facts as facts which counter your, or someone else's opinion.

If it seems like I'm defending Sony more of late then well maybe that's because there is so much trolling now, and I was kind of with a lot of time on my hands for vacation, so I simply corrected a lot of misinformation, and lets face it, the bubble system for as flawed as it is at least kept a lot of this to a minimum, but now it's barely worth reading the comment sections.

I don't allign myself with anyone. I express my views. Sometimes they agree with me, sometimes I agree with them. Jesus, the way you talk you'd think we have some sort of cabal going on in the background. Stop being so paranoid, just because someone agrees with me, or I expand on what they say, does not mean that I align myself with them. I think PS fan boys are about as bad as Xbox fan boys, but in the past few days, most of what Spotie and Digital have been saying has been on point(for what I've read), and if it were really far off base, I would call them out on it like i have done to them in the past. Ask them if you think I'm lenient on the Sony fans, because I have called them out in the past too.

Now, if you have some salient point or evidence to prove me wrong, feel free to respond, otherwise, just don't bother. Going to be a busy week, and I won't likely respond if it's a worthless read.

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SteamPowered3148d ago

I think Ori was their best game of the year. Im not sure what you consider AAA, but it was a first party effort.
Big budget or not, Ori was a masterpiece.

FallenAngel19843148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

@ Septic

The Order: 1886 helped dramatically increase PS4 sales in February and sold pass 1.25 million software units. That's considered a success in my books, even despite the controversial reviews.

Not to mention it's been much more commercially successful than Rise of the Tomb Raider, Gears of War: UE, Sunset Overdrive, and Forza 6.

FlexLuger3148d ago

"Not to mention it's been much more commercially successful than Rise of the Tomb Raider, Gears of War: UE, Sunset Overdrive, and Forza 6."

When your game is selling exclusively on a console with twice the install base of the other console, its a given that your games will sell more. Even if the game is crap (like the order) there is still a chance of it selling more due to a larger install base...double the install base in the PS4's case. Its a nice cushion..even for visually stunning duds like the order and driveclub. they are guaranteed sales. Im pretty sure if the shoe was on the other foot, and XB1 was leading in sales, the order would have never seen a million copies sold. Critically speaking, SSOD, RotTR, GOW:UE and forza 6 kill the order (and DC) and at the end of the day we can bang on about sales, but that means NOTHING when you actually play a game. Its either good or it isnt. And sales dont always determine that...if you beleive that to be the case, you probably think candy crush and temple run are fantastic games too....

FallenAngel19843148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

Seems like intense damage control.

Yet a game like Halo 5 quickly outsold The Order:1886 within its first week, so the buying potential is there. The point is that The Order: 1886 still sold exceptionally well and did what it was supposed to do in selling consoles. Having a large install base doesn't always guarantee a game will sell well, as proven by some commercial failures of critically acclaimed games on Wii and PS2.

Try to downplay The Order's success as much as you'd like, it still outperformed the majority of XO's exclusives. The Xbox community not buying a lot of their own platforms games shows that they aren't as financially interested as they should be. They boast more about these games than actually buy them.

Also, a game selling well means its more likely to have future installments that will build upon the foundation. Let's also not forget that many of today's greatest franchises didn't always have a first installment that was critically acclaimed.

I agree that sales don't mean everything. However when a community boasts about having great games, I expect that same community to buy a lot of those games. Otherwise it has no right to bash another community's buying habits.

Jerredh3148d ago

1886 was only a visual success. Im not saying people didnt like it or shouldnt enjoy it, but as new gen gamers we should expect and demand more from our games. Not just shiny pretties.

FlexLuger3148d ago


All to often, do I hear people play down certain games lack of quality by using the old "teh sales" routine, here on N4G. So what? if a game is crap, I cant force myself to enjoy it just because it sold a million copies. Im not going to brag about a rubbish game selling a million for the sake of console war brownie points. Crap is crap.

rainslacker3148d ago

If we waited for that, we wouldn't be playing any games this gen so far. I feel none have really been so next gen that they needed a new system to deliver. So far, i feel every game is really just more shiney than substance.

Generally, I think major next gen advancements like in the past are going to be much harder to see. The differences in game design aren't substantial enough gen to gen anymore to really make something that is truly new, because it's just gotten to that point until something new comes along. We're still pretty much using the same principals that were around on the Dreamcast, and it's just getting shinier.

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DivineAssault 3148d ago

Doesnt matter.. Next year is what people should be looking at since its almost december

SamPao3148d ago

But it's the new IPs that will matter in the future

DivineAssault 3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

I see your point but 2016 is full of new IPs also.. The only new IP of 2015 that deserves a sequel is Bloodborne.. Not to mention Splatoon, Mario Maker, & possibly xenoblade x

JackTheRipper1013148d ago

Quantum Break is the best new ip of next year.

Picnic3147d ago

That's what an Agree button or bubble is there for unless you have something extra to say.

akurtz3148d ago

i mean, noone has even played it. You could say Horizon is the best new IP of next year.

REDDURT3148d ago

Based on recent history I would be cautious.

Dabigkahuna763147d ago

@picnic bruh are you serious