7 Soothing video games for people who love organization

Mike Clark from G4@Syfygames takes us on a neurotic journey to find the games that give sweet relaxation through organization.

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Bassmint3093d ago

SimCity? Why would anyone choose that over Cities:Skylines.

BellePelouse3093d ago

Cities is definetly a better game but still I missed the online play and the connection between cities from SimCity when i was playing it.

Both games have their strong points, but Cities was a much less frustrating experience

annoyedgamer3093d ago

Tropico 4

I am good presidente!

OhMyGandhi3093d ago

Snood. God I loved that game.


The Best Offline Games for iPhone and iPad

Let's take a step back into the good old days when Wi-Fi and data were nothing to worry about and look at the very Best Offline iPhone Games.

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The Tale of Tetris | A Strange and Surprising Story

Discover the incredible story behind the world-famous game of Tetris, from its origins in Soviet-era Moscow to its global domination in the 1980s and beyond. Learn about the legal battles, political intrigue, and personal connections that helped make Tetris one of the most beloved and enduring games of all time.

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franwex433d ago

I couldn’t keep up. Haha.


Fallout Shelter's Lack Of Ending Makes Perfect Sense

DualShockers writes "Has infinity got you feeling down? From the Penrose Stairs to the π symbol itself, some things just have no end in sight, which can ultimately lead to apathy, or even full-out rage. Human brains aren’t designed to naturally think too far outside a book-ended reality of beginnings and endings. Case in point: the spinoff stepchild of the beloved Fallout series, Fallout Shelter."

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