All Games Should Have An Option To Skip Cutscenes

We all experience it when playing single-player games. After starting the console, we wait for a minute for the machine to load the game. Then, a few seconds to find our save file. After that, the game will take another minute to load. And, after a few minutes of game play, we’ll see a cutscene in the game. Seeing cutscenes is all well and good if you’re playing the game for the first time. But what if it’s your 10th time and you want to skip it and just continue on with the game play?

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franwex1759d ago

Yep, also the "this game has autosave" notice that we have to agree to every time. I'm glad MGSV updated that.

Maybe also not seeing all the company logos at starup too, but I think it's being masked as a loading screen.

thekhurg1759d ago

I'm fine with the option as long as it's done like Witcher 3 - where even if you accidentally press a button, you have to press a specific button AGAIN to actually skip the dialog or cutscene.

I don't know how many times over the years I've fumbled a controller during a cutscene and the game just blew threw it and gave me the frowny face.

TheCommentator1759d ago

Okay, I'll agree with this. Since it would be an option, you could choose not to skip it. I know a few people who want to skip them because they don't care about story though, which I don't understand, but to each their own.

franwex1759d ago

Sometimes the story is incomprehensible or an after thought; like black ops 3.

freshslicepizza1759d ago

anybody who disagrees it should be an option has issues but yes i do like reading them the first time.

the problem is some games require them because they are often used to mask the loading screens.


some times you just want to jump back in a game and not deal with cutscenes especially if replaying the game for the second time


Sorry but this might be one of the dumbest If yiu are playing story mode, why would yiu want to skip cutscenes that explain what the game is about??? I dont get it!

scark921759d ago

What if you are replaying the game? Another example is Final Fantasy X, you cannot skip cutscenes and there are save points, so to replay a boss fight if you get defeated, you have to sit through long cutscenes just to replay it.

I think as long as there is a "Are you sure want to skip, Yes/No" Option is there it is fine.

Snookies121759d ago

I personally think a game shouldn't allow skipped cutscenes the first time through. However, once you've cleared a specific scene (say you died on a boss, like you were saying and don't want to watch the scene again.) Then the option to skip should unlock for you.

It really shouldn't be all that hard to do, have a flag set for when you first start a cutscene that triggers and lets the game know you've seen it already for future occurrences of said scene.

Vames1759d ago

Learn to read! If you can read, learn to comprehend! If you had done both, your comment would likely make a lot of sense right now.

22CobraKing1759d ago

They should have a skip button after your first play through.

Eidolon1759d ago

Even if not, some people aren't playing for the first time, even if it is a new save file.

Jmanzare1759d ago

I don't get why people care if someone skips cutscenes or not. I personally don't unless I've seen it already.

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The story is too old to be commented.