Bungie's EDGE Acceptance Speech - Map Editor and bots revealed?

Not your usual acceptance speech, Bungie brings it's teases again with this AI filled map, and then what looks like a full custom map editor at the end of the video? DLC, Expansion Pack, Halo 3 PC? Take a look and make your own guesses.

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yakbabbler4430d ago

This looks fairly interesting, I guess happy 1 year ani for Halo 3 will be a fun day for all.

LuigiLogik4429d ago

That would be sweeter then High Fructose Corn syrup on Jessica Alba's inner thigh...
The possibilities are endless... make your own Halo game... downloading some nutcase's recreation of Halo 1 and 2 on 3's engine... i think i just wet myself..

Choonqpead4429d ago

I really don't even know how to react to this. Bungie just loves to tease the hell out of us, but if this is real.....then holy sh*t! Bots or a complete level designer would be a ridiculous addition to the game.

etownone4429d ago

haha....That was the best acceptance speech EVER!!

beats watching some guy i never heard of thanking people i don't know.