Gaming's Last Hurrah (As We Know It)

From "The console games business is going to die and be replaced by something better. It might not be because making game consoles is now so expensive that they will break the platform companies themselves; it will also probably not be because you will be able to pirate console games on the net like any other piece of static media, and it is certainly not because computer games are a fad.

Simply put, massively multiplayer games will take over and they will be subscription-based, and available on a PC or whatever that platform morphs into.

The hardware monopoly wielded by Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo becomes irrelevant when you can play an unstealable real-time game on the family PC over the net. One game, $1 billion in sales: Warcraft is the writing on the wall for the console makers."

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Caxtus7505455d ago

I dont agree. People play PC games and people play console games. I cant see either dieing. I play both and love both. I like MMOS but then want a bash on Halo (using a pad. Pcs are good but consoles are degined for gaming. PCs just happen to be able to play them.

Rooted_Dust5455d ago

I played WOW for two years, but it wasn't the only thing I played, and I never play more than one MMO at a time. PC gaming is not for everyone. What could a console morph into, besides a computer, and not be called a game console? Sometimes people just want to play games by themselves and not be forced to rely on other gamers just to be able to play.

Monchichi0255455d ago

Forbes is stupid! LOL They are not gamers so they don't understand. The mass market does not enjoy playing games on the computer. It's just stupid.... and kinda seen as nerdy. (Nothing wrong if you do tho) That's just a perception.

jp 1175455d ago

that guy is brain dead i hate it when all of these analysts & stock brokers think they know anything about the gameing world . i like pc games but iam not big on mmo's i would never give up console gameing

THWIP5455d ago

The author OBVIOUSLY knows nothing about the games industry....and likely doesn't play them himself. MMO's are not the "future" of gaming....they're just one facet, which millions of gamers don't/can't even enjoy or bother with.

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The story is too old to be commented.