Amazon lists Thanksgiving Day Gaming Deals

Amazon has posted a list of gaming deals for Thanksgiving. The deals include PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset at $50 off in addition to Helldivers, MLB 15: The Show and Tearaway Unfolded being at $19.99 each.

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jcnba283096d ago

Do not buy the playstation headset it's terrible and the sound quality is awful. The bluetooth broke on mine after 2 weeks. Now I have to connect it to the DS4 with the wire.

Don't know why sony made such a cheap product.

Dynasty20213096d ago

Because blind fanboys are blind.

I tried the wireless headset about 2 years ago, and sent it back. The audio is better on my in-ear heaphones worth 1/10th of the Sony ones.

Tsunade3096d ago

I have the PlayStation headset since it was released and had zero problems so far. I like that I can use it wireless and wired too. I believe it is a good headset in my opinion but that is me that has had no problems with it at all.


Helldivers 2’s epic predecessor is now 60% off on PS5

If you can draw yourself away from Helldivers 2, you can pick up the first game for less than $20 right now, but you’ll need to be quick.

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Tearaway Unfolded Update 1.04 Is Out On PS4

Tearaway Unfolded has been updated to version 1.04 on PS4 making it another one of these games to get a patch ahead of the launch of the PS5.

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Bigman4k1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Cool get them ps4 games up and running on PlayStation 5 day1 hopefully there wont be no major problems with playing ps4 games on ps5


Alex Evans Media Molecule Co-Founder Taking a Gamedev Break

Alex Evans Media Molecule co-founder is taking a break from game development. According to the developer, Dreams is in great hands with a mind-blowing future ahead.

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Rainbowcookie1352d ago

Have a good rest mate, but do come back pleez

fr0sty1352d ago

Media Molecule are currently among Sony's top developers, even if they aren't taking in top cash. Those who don't own Dreams are really missing out, especially owners of PlayStation VR.

Shameless Plug: Play my VR game in dreams, "We Bowling in VR!" or my other non-VR game, "Missile Commander"!

THC CELL1352d ago

Amazing guy amazing team amazing games I wish him all the best

Sophisticated_Chap1351d ago

Why? It took them more then an entire generation just to get one game out.

fr0sty1350d ago

It took them almost a generation to get the best, most innovative, and most ambitious play/create/share game ever made.