Amazon lists Thanksgiving Day Gaming Deals

Amazon has posted a list of gaming deals for Thanksgiving. The deals include PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset at $50 off in addition to Helldivers, MLB 15: The Show and Tearaway Unfolded being at $19.99 each.


The deals are now live.

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jcnba282567d ago

Do not buy the playstation headset it's terrible and the sound quality is awful. The bluetooth broke on mine after 2 weeks. Now I have to connect it to the DS4 with the wire.

Don't know why sony made such a cheap product.

Dynasty20212567d ago

Because blind fanboys are blind.

I tried the wireless headset about 2 years ago, and sent it back. The audio is better on my in-ear heaphones worth 1/10th of the Sony ones.

Tsunade2567d ago

I have the PlayStation headset since it was released and had zero problems so far. I like that I can use it wireless and wired too. I believe it is a good headset in my opinion but that is me that has had no problems with it at all.