Bionic Commando Scores 9.4 from IGN

IGN writes: "Bionic Commando Rearmed sets a new benchmark for downloadable console games. The best elements of the original are back, but have been upgraded to be better than before. The new bosses add a more interesting challenge and the final level is one for the ages. And, of course, the visuals are brilliant. The remastered soundtrack is fantastic as well. From top to bottom, Bionic Commando Rearmed is an incredible game that's well worth owning".

skynidas5815d ago

Awesome score, game's coming out on Thursday

sonarus5815d ago

Yea and wednesday on XBLA. I never played the original but i plan on getting it. Kind of reminds me of contra which was one of my favourite games lol

Sevir045815d ago

the other heavy hitter is the street fighter HD remix and Megaman 9. those are basically the only games i'll purchase from capcom online download games

Orange5815d ago

i think contra needs the make-over treatment. i'll be picking this one up. $10? a steal.

chaosatom3335815d ago

my brother doesn't play videogames that much, because he doesn't have time, but small games like this are prefect.

solidt125815d ago

Sweet. All of the gaming media have been saying that this game is great and is alot more than a remake.

DaTruth5815d ago

This was absolutely the best game for NES. I loved it and was a shame I only had it on loan. When I heard about this it blew my mind.

ParanoidMonkey5815d ago

Over the past few months this game has gone from "couldn't care less" to "worth checking out" and finally "gotta own" in my book. Amazing how I let this thing fly under my radar for so long.

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pwnsause5815d ago

uh oh, D-pad on the 360 is a problem of IGN when playing this game. Just shows how faulty the D-pad is.

pwnsause5815d ago

you can have me on ignore. just remember though, its not my fault that the D-Pad is broken lololololololol

air15815d ago

lucky me, i got an arcade joy stick and a fighting joy stick for my 360. that is how you truly play a classic like bionic with a arcade stick..

pwnsause5815d ago

just because you have a joystick doesnt mean that everyone have joysticks lololololololololol

Bnet3435815d ago

the xbox 360 controller has joysticks you dumbass.

ActionBastard5815d ago

Trophies(not at launch, but still), Remote Play and it's $10. Sold.

mistertwoturbo5815d ago

it's also going to be true 1080p for anybody that cares.

people need all the 1920x1080 games they can get

IzKyD13315815d ago

damn, first geometry wars 2 gets awesome scores, then braid, and now bionic commando...this is like the week of the downloadable games

Orange5815d ago

Don't forget R&C: Quest for Booty, which comes out next week. That's download only, and not add on content. Stand alone.

IzKyD13315815d ago

oh yeah, i forgot about eden
and im sure quest for booty will join this list too seeing as tools of destruction got nothing but 9s and other near perfect scores

Heavy-h5815d ago

Damn keeps getting better
and the funny thing i finshed R&C TOD yesterday thought it was a great game but just a bit too easy

Cant wait for quest for booty next week (if that is true)

AlienGorilla5815d ago

You don't see this everyday. People talking about great games on multiple consoles without any fanboyism. Bubbles for each of you.


If they could push Fat Princess out soon. People look to love it on E3, so we could see by ourselves what it's about.

solidt125815d ago

Yeah man this summer Downloadable games are really shining on the PSN and on Live. I think I have bought about 5 games so far just this summer on the PSN and I might get Braid on Live since I have heard such great things.

DaTruth5815d ago

Seriously!! The downloadable games are outshining the full games. Haven't bought a disk game in exactly 2 months.

IzKyD13315815d ago

i cant wait to see more of ragdoll kungfu, looks really fun