GameFly reminds customers of Xbox 360 delicacy

Gametrailers.com writes:"No one likes a faulty disc, especially if you're in the business of renting video games like GameFly is.

In an effort to minimize random damage rendered by the fragile Xbox 360, or any of its negligent owners, the online rental store sends a reminder email to first-time renters of Xbox 360 games.

"Our records indicate that you recently rented your first Xbox 360 game from GameFly," the automated email reads, obtained by GamePro on Friday. "As you know, the Xbox 360 is a high-end gaming console that uses state-of-the-art technology.

"As stated in the user's manual, it is important that the console not be moved in any way while a disc is in the tray. The following movements, among others, may cause damage to the console and/or result in scratches to the disk.""

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doshey5524d ago

As you know, the Xbox 360 is a high-end gaming console that uses state-of-the-art technology.

HAHAHAHAHAHA LMAO haha i will approve it good lord state of the art technology please this thing needs to disk to play games get out of here with that state of the art technology crap

Zerodin5524d ago

...meet the ignore button.

eagle215524d ago

Actually someone did fry egg's on a 360. It is on youtube. Very entertaining to say the least. :)

zapass5524d ago

that is the most hilarious headline in months!

"no, don't touch it... don't even look at it... it's gonna toast! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARG!!! gimme my towel, hurry!!"

state of the art POS technology for morons and xtards, lol
and on top of it, they even pay for online, BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAHAHAHA!

doshey5524d ago

omg Zertard put me on his ignore list how will i live oh i forgot like a normal person and not some dumb xtard that informs me that i have been added to his ignore list what a loser

morganfell5524d ago (Edited 5524d ago )


While I was there looking the egg story up I saw this vid. Now that's what I call a proper ending to a RROD story and the only way to fix the RROD issue.


Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5524d ago

"As you know, the Xbox 360 isn't a high-end gaming console that doesn't use state-of-the-art technology" ;-D

Oooops!!! ;-D Let the Disagrees come... ;)

Thoas5524d ago

You will get RROD in seven days, you will see the Red Ring.

bpac1234567895524d ago

Im sorry but watching the 360 frying eggs was hilarious. i thought it was BS when i heard this the first time, i didn't know the overheating was that bad.
Hey at least its good for something when it RROD.

Eiffel5523d ago

Ah I remember when someone fried some pancakes on the DelayStation 3, best use for that piece of technology.

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Zerodin5524d ago

Never had a disc scratch.

Thoas5524d ago (Edited 5524d ago )

Don't lie to kick it

Xlll5524d ago

Sure you haven't, and your 360 doesn't RRoD , sounds like a busted up pinto and doesn't set homes on fires.

toughNAME5524d ago

None of my Xbox 360 games have scratched discs.

mohib-uddin79865325524d ago (Edited 5524d ago )

What goes around comes around

So in this case CD's are going around and they are going around and around and will come back as flying saucers.

Flying saucers are dangerous no?

mikeslemonade5524d ago

I rent games for all three systems and the 360 discs has the most scratches. It was also the one that sent me one of those automated emails when I rented a game for the 360. Lost Odyssey came in a 4 slot sleeve envelope and two of the discs were in the same sleeve causing a lot of the scratches.

sonarus5524d ago

Move your 360 and IT WILL scratch your discs. I learned that the hard way. It will scratch it beyond playability too

TheMART5524d ago (Edited 5524d ago )

So why are you moving a game console with a disc spinning at all???

These tips are for consoles with spinning discs in general. Has anyone flipped a PS2 back in the days with a spinning game in it?

Sonaurus, why is it that I don't believe you?

First do you own a 360 at all

Second, you've been making love to your 360 while the disc was spinning?

Ben10545524d ago

break my ps3 demo disk by sliding around on it on one foot, and rubbing it against a dusty carpet, but thanks to the super power of blueray it still worked (so i snapped it into 10 pieces)

sonarus5524d ago

I had a 360 once but in the end by cousin borrowed it and never brought it back. I find very little use for having 2 consoles and i am seriously considering getting another 360 but i know in 2months or so another cousin will borrow it and never bring it back.

I used to have a PS2 and i remember moving my PS2 while the disc was spinning quite a few times. I remember i was playing ps2 and it was in the way so i had to move it and i moved it successfully without disc scratch

So please forgive me for not realizing the 360 is an advanced piece of machinery and thus scratches disc as a side effect

mikeslemonade5524d ago (Edited 5524d ago )

If you set the 360 vertical it can scratch discs. If you play horozontal the system will heat up faster. So pick your poison. You can always elevate the 360 by applying objects underneath the feet so it has more surface area for ventallation.

Also the PS2 didn't scratch the discs to the extent of being un-readible. The lenses of the PS2 were too weak to begin with and sometimes even brand new games would not work. All you had to do was open the PS2 to clean the lense and adjust the height. The 360 is different because if you open it you void the warranty which you need for the next faulty hardware issue.

juuken5524d ago

Good for you. You're one of the few lucky ones.
That doesn't mean it's not a problem.

callahan095524d ago

I question their use of the terminology "state of the art technology."

TheSadTruth5524d ago

I scratched my Halo 2 the first day of owning an xbox 360 console. Anyone who owned a PS2 would have done the same, because you could move it without it scratching the disc...

dantesparda5524d ago


So therefore nobodies discs get scratched? Come on man!


"So why are you moving a game console with a disc spinning at all???"

Umm, maybe because you could do that with every system before that,...Fake a$$!

wallace10005524d ago (Edited 5524d ago )

@ toughNAME - apparently 24 people have seen all your discs and you are lying :-P
These instructions should be labeled "If you are stupid, read the following...."
This is all very very common sense.
You moved your console with a disc in it while it was on?? Here is your sign.

I LOVE my xbox5524d ago

Never had a single problem with a blu-ray disk =/
Nearly 1 and a half years with the PS3 and not a single scratch on ANY disk.

MikeGdaGod5524d ago

this was one of the main problems i had with my 360. i didn't mind the system failures cause it was under warranty.

the games weren't and scratched disks are no fun at all