GameZone: Madden NFL 09 Review

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the Madden NFL franchise finds itself being not only the most recognized football game that inspires its legion of fans to turn to it each year but it is also just about the only licensed NFL game in town. Madden NFL 09 is not just another game with an updated roster and better graphics but rather its an edition that brings the legion of Madden fans together with football fans giving the game a shot for the first time. In other words, Madden NFL 09 for the PlayStation 3 is a football game that's a major step in the right direction but also one that should please sports gamers of all levels.

Gameplay 8.8
Graphics 9
Sound 8.5
Difficulty Medium
Concept 8.5
Multiplayer 8.5
Overall 8.8

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nbsmatambo3719d ago

pretty good score for a sports game....
matter off fact thats a good score for any game

gtafan3719d ago

IMO, I did not like the damn demo and I think the game is over hyped.

badz1493719d ago

I don't play madden but it's a great score for a sport game! but I think, even without this score madden had always been selling, right?

Skynetone3719d ago

just didnt like the time the quaterback had for throwing the ball

instantly under attack {so ill pass on this}

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