5 HD Video Game Collections You Need To Play

MenStuff: "Remastered re-releases of classic old games (or some games that aren’t even that old) seem to be the flavour of the week in the gaming world, but while many may roll their eyes at the obvious cash-in opportunity for publishers, there are some incredible collections that give players who missed out on a franchise’s early entries, or those who played them a shot of reinvigorated nostalgia, for a great price."

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madcowzz2255d ago

These are all great. The amount of effort in God of War: Origins Collection is crazy, check out the article on it:

And if we were to add a single HD remaster of a game, Ōkami HD deserves a mention. It's a technical marvel, with the in-house resolution being 4k and then downsampled to 1080p for use on the PS3. Article about it here:

It's a beast. Definitely a labor of love, and after having already got the platinum for it, I replayed through it again after reading this article due to added appreciation for it

brando0082254d ago

Couldn't agree more. I also platinumed Okami HD. Such a spectacular game!

Masterchief_thegoat2255d ago

God of war to this date is, all time best in both series and sales. Men lie, Women lie, Number Don't