Over Eight Million Players Zombified by Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare

If your brain hasn't been turned to mashed potato yet, you're not playing Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. T

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USMC_POLICE1058d ago

Still a better shooter than cod lol so much fun

3-4-51058d ago

PvZ:GW is the best shooter this gen IMO. I've stated it many times and won't stop until something surpasses it.

It's pure fun, and the most Nintendo like game I've ever seen not made by Nintendo.

EA/Popcap really hit one out of the park with this and I'm really excited for PvZ:GW 2 this spring.

* If you haven't played it, go buy a copy for $20 or get EA Access. Tons of fun, tons of strategy, Free DLC and takes a long time to earn it all so there is always something to play for.

* BEST multiplayer level design possibly ever in a shooter.

Also the colors are bright and not bland.

1nsomniac1058d ago (Edited 1058d ago )

Went back to this again last week after a long time away. Servers still packed full of players & matchmaking is still almost instant. I must of spent so many hours in this game it's unreal.

Far better than all the COD's put together + BF4.

Hope the new one is equally as good if not better.

WellyUK1058d ago

It's the best shooter on the next gen consoles. CoD, BF, Destiny and Battlefront don't even come close to it in terms of fun and content.