Cursed Mountain Dev Says Game Will Be Breath-taking

In a press release issued today, the team behind Cursed Mountain has unveiled some of the details about the game's graphics engine. According to the developers, the game will make use of HDR and other effects to create a more realistic setting.

Gerhard Seiler, Technical Director of Sproing, has stated that, "Our engine technology really takes the Wii hardware to its limits and Wii gamers can really look forward to a heart-stopping, and breath-taking world that comes alive with this title."

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meepmoopmeep3718d ago

looks and sounds interesting. it's good to see the Wii games heading this way.

The Lazy One3718d ago

am I supposed to be shocked?

Tomdc3718d ago

breath taking by wii standards maybe but lets be realistic... its not going to match up to the graphical quality of even poor ps3 and 360 games.

ChickeyCantor3718d ago

Being realistic, Wii runs on 480P so it does not need the calculation power for higher resolution. 480P content could still look great, Wii games could look like early 360 games on a SD Tv.
It just depends on how well the system is going to be used.

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ChickeyCantor3718d ago

" Our engine technology really takes the Wii hardware to its limits"
That's developer number 4? saying that?
It's not working guys just develope a decent game and get on with it.

vashivihang3718d ago

ha ha. if you are referring to HVS, i dont think that they have said that "we will push wii to its limits" i really think that the factor 5 game will be better graphically than anything. but yes you are right. just give us decent games and we will speak with our wallets

ChickeyCantor3718d ago

The thing is more developers keep saying this...
Now im excited about how this game will turn out to be.
But really " pushing limits "? O RLLY?

after this game other developers will claim the same >_<

vashivihang3718d ago

ha ha ha thats true. but thats just the part of PR and creating hype. oh well. this game interersts me nonetheless

kinggeoff3718d ago

they are the only ones so far detailing so many aspects of their engine. and since it is a proprietary engine no one has seen before, i am intrigued.

"HDR-Rendering, shader simulations developed especially for Wii in order to display ice, heat and water (realistic reflections and refractions), an ultra-fast particle system for amazing snow storms, soft particles for realistic fog and smoke, depth of field, motion blur, dynamic soft shadows, spherical harmonics lighting, as well as a high performance level-of-detail and streaming system in order to provide long viewing distance of the entire surrounding."

dof??? motion blur? hell freakin yes!!!

deeznuts3718d ago

Was RE:4 Wii Edition supposed to look good? I just popped it in and it looked like trash. SMG was meh as well.

vashivihang3718d ago

no thats probably your inner fanboy talking

ChickeyCantor3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

I really dont see your connection with our comments.
So ill just go with Vashivihang, Put a demper on your inner fanboy.

Actually High voltage showed loads of things their engine could do...but saying they are pushing limits is a bold statement.
Even today Ps2's envelope is being pushed and pushed.

deeznuts3718d ago

My inner fanboy likes good looking games. I own all three consoles.

vashivihang3718d ago

then, good sir, wii isnt the right console for you. :)

kinggeoff3718d ago


deeznuts what the heck are you doing with a wii that you seem to hate?

smg and re4 both look amazing.

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THWIP3718d ago

If you hold your breath, waiting for next-gen graphics on the'll run out of oxygen and die. :O

Adriana Lima3718d ago

i thought it said cursed mountain dew

THWIP3718d ago

I tried one of those Mountain Dew Pitch Black things...sh1t was so nasty, I thought I was gonna hurl, and could barely catch my breath. I think it was CURSED! O_O

SilverWeb3718d ago

i think this is great and all but im sure the physics systems should be worked on too because i think that euphoria is possible to a certain extent on wii. They tweaked the call of duty 4 engine for wii but that took a while who knows maybe they will make a special version of the euphoria physics engine for wii one day

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