EA Is Trying To Pay Off Famous People To Say They Like Star Wars Battlefront

It seems like EA has been paying famous people to say they like Star Wars Battlefront. This could be due to the hatred towards the game by many gamers.

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FasterThanFTL12570d ago

So EA would rather pay famous people to say they like Star Wars Battlefront than price the game more respectably.

IAmLee2570d ago

It's EA, A.K.A Electronic Arseholes.

sonarus2570d ago

No surprise. EA usually wins title for worst company and they seem to revel in it. Game is worth 40 bucks tops.

Bansai2570d ago

Remember EA's old motto? "It's in the game"?

Pretty ironic now lol, "It's in the DLC"

Yi-Long2570d ago

Of course rich famous folks enjoy it; even if EA didn't provide them with a free copy (which they most likely did), they still really wouldn't really care about 50 bucks for DLC, cause that's peanuts to them.

Nobody is complaining about the game not being fun. People are complaining about the value for money, and the expensive Season Pass.

Good-Smurf2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

EA games "Challenge Every Wallet"

SilverClock2570d ago

I love that nobody disagreed with you.

DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

I bought this for my kid, and i have to admit, he loves it and i do also. But overpriced as hell. My kid immediately asked me to buy the pass. I was like hold up boy,,,daddy just paid too much for this one right now lol. I was gonna wait cause i read it was a lil short on content,,,,,but it was his bday ya know. And i just want EA to know they can go fuck themselves . And i put no blame on dice,theyre a good group of folks forced by nazi's . I know thats harsh. But EA has some great talent they own but dictate them into crap. So many great games flawed by only the fat cats. And for one whole decade ruined my now ancient hype for FOOTBALL SEASON . I was one of the best in the world 2k5 on xbl. They ripped that from me. The hate burns a lot

APexGamer452570d ago

Sadly this is common place.

MS was notorious for doing this as well.

TheCommentator2570d ago

I get it now. EA got paid by Sony(no, this is not Sony's fault), who then advertised the game for them, then EA used their original advertising budget to try to pay famous people to say they like it. If Battlefront was worth more than it's graphics engine maybe EA wouldn't have to "force" people to say good things about it.

ZombieKiller2570d ago

I am soooo glad i didn't buy this a huge Star Wars fan and a huge gamer too so everything said why not? EA pushed me away from this game by 1) BEING EA and 2) That season pass. I saw the Destiny sales model from a mile away. Blank ass game with an additional pass that unlocks everything. Screw that.

I really wish they would let someone else make Star Wars games. Someone good too like CD Projekt Red or Naughty Dog, maybe even Rockstar. Not some bullshit dev like Ninja Theory (STILL hurting over here Capcom) or someone like EA.
I'd love to see an adventure game based on travel and exploration to different planets. maybe play as a jedi on a multi-planet/location quest.

Lets just say Mos Eisley spaceport could get REALLY interesting.

You would think that SOMEONE over at Disney would have seen the fans complaining about Battlefield 4 and it's mess.

brish2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

"It's EA, A.K.A Electronic Arseholes."

I heard the E in EA stands for evil. ;-)

Aeery2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

This guy is a douchebag a full attention whore.

I don't care if EA really tried to "bribe" him (I don't like them), I don't care at all, but this guy is very disrespectful.

Why insult so much a game that millions of people are enjoying ?
He just insult the game, not the EA and that is very different.

So, what can I say ?

Fuck off idiot.

Retroman2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

This is ( Nothing ) new MS done this waaaaay to often at E3 each year.
what else is new?? America was built on fabrication and lies.
celebrities no more than puppets to manipulate blind consumers (Suckers) to buy said product .
we must decide what is right and best for our time and entertainment not illuminati puppets .

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Fin_The_Human2570d ago

So what if they are...gamers are such drame queens and fit about everything.

Just play games and stop worrying about other things that shouldn't really matter to you.

Magnes2570d ago

It's really starting to become clear to me what all the fan boy hate stuff is really about. Fear and desire to shape the industry into the mold that fits your ideas. If you don't like a game/company/hardware and it sells a lot you hit the inter webz and slam it to the inth degree. With the exception of payed exclusives that deliberately withhold things from a particular group what's the point if you don't like it don't buy it easy. Oh that's right not that easy others aren't allowed to like it because you don't, egocentrism.

kenshiro1002570d ago

If you have to pay famous people to say they like your game, then you done goofed up.

Don't support this disgusting company please.

mogwaii2570d ago

Keep supporting scumbags if you like, who needs integrity, just spend spend spend!

Gh05t2570d ago


I find it hard pressed to find any major company who hasn't paid a celebrity to say they like their company.

I would have to stop buying cars, shoes, clothing, makeup, razors, cell phones, I cant believe its not butter, pizza, and countless other products or services.

Paid endorsement is nothing new, and if you buy a product because some singer/songwriter says he liked it than you are as shallow as someone who takes money to support a product they don't really like.

kenshiro1002570d ago

Its the way EA went about it. I stand by my original comment.

Dirtnapstor2570d ago


Anyone who thinks differently is a dolt and could be clearly defined as a sheep ironically enough considering they state the same for those who actually purchased and enjoy this game.

Battlefront is a great game. If you don't like the cost, pass on it or wait until it drops in price reasonable to your expectations. Not a hard concept to live by really.

Notellin2570d ago

One of the worst comments I've ever read. If the public doesn't like something they have to voice their concern or else the big corporations push further and further.

abstractel2570d ago

I really do feel it should have had a proper single player campaign but the game is still a lot of fun and I feel it's worth my $60.

rocketpanda2570d ago

Right, because being paid off for positive reviews and comments are so great! Let's pay off some well knowns so they can influence their fans to pick up a mediocre game. You got to wonder why EA keeps getting ranked in the worst company poll.

Wouldn't it be better to spend said money on actually making the game better, oh wait that's what the $50 season pass is for.

Name Last Name2570d ago

Hey Fin I would love to "Just play games and stop worrying..." but I can't when they're trying to squeeze every penny I have.

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just_looken2570d ago

Well battlefield hardline population dropped to nothing in a couple months.

Now if you go to this site:

Star wars is taking the same route sure 180k is alot but the number is dropping.

I say by February star wars will have around 10-20k players.

Ea needs all that good PR for xmas sales and high player count asap.

donwel2570d ago

It's funny because I looked at the BF4 stat page that's linked on that site and it says there that there are about 32k playing BF4 on PS4.
I'd like to know where the bloody hell they are because when I put the disc in a couple of weeks back I couldn't find a sodding game >:(

RiseofScorpio2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

God I hope so, they deserve it. These ridiculous DLCs only separate the community.

GoPanthers9992570d ago

I really enjoy this game, but there are only 3 or 4 maps with big or small versions. Unless there is some real content added by the DLC, I will "pass" on the season pass and move on. The biggest miss here are the modes from SW Battlefront 2, makes no sense.

Fez2570d ago

Yeah... they had to get it out in time for the film. Such a shame, because it could have been the game of the generation had it been delayed for 6-12 months and been released as a full game :(

Tapewurm2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

I really like the game personally.... I justify the price with an old school style of reasoning. (I'm an old dude) I just imagine if I was having to drop a quarter (25 cents) every time I died 3 I was in an arcade back in the 80's. For $70 you have 280 quarters.... 3 lives per quarter. If you never get killed...EVER...then complain all you want....but, if you die every few minutes in multi-player like most normal people... shut your collective cake-holes and enjoy the game. It costs a lot of money to make these games .. they have to pay a lot of salaries and expenses to get this game to us....even if EA has a bad reputation for being the face of all that is wrong with the corporate side of all that is gaming. Just enjoy the game for what it is. Remember the Quarter for 3 lives rule and think of what a value you actually have.

caperjim2570d ago

The good old days. Bugging our parents for money so we can cash it in at the arcade for quarters or tokens depending on the arcade. Lining up to play the new arcade game they just got in. When it was finally your turn you had a group of 15+ people standing behind you watching you play. Thanks for the memories. :)

mogwaii2570d ago

justify it anyway you like, its still a rort!

remixx1162570d ago

No offense big home but that's a pretty brain dead way of justfiying it.For starts you ddidn't have to pay 400$ just to access the arcade then 60$ on top of that to access the game.

......but whater, enjoy you game bro.

Dirtnapstor2570d ago

Oh yes I remember those days! What made those days even better was when you would find a 10er on the floor, right!? I was always scanning!

You'll have lots of disagrees because there is no real appreciation for anything anymore. Instant this, instant that... no real concept of "putting time in" because there is so much to be had too quickly.
No real sense of costs because many have become too dependent and haven't a clue. (broad statement)

Every game produced has naysayers. Unfortunately, It's Battlefront's turn on the whipping post.

deester2570d ago

that is retarded in the 80"s did you drop 400.00 plus to get to use the game and another 65.00 for the game disk it is very obvious you do not like that empty game too much!!! you are here reading about why it is a ripoff

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TitanUp2570d ago

This has happened countless times. EA gets caught though which makes all the difference.

Doodleburger2570d ago

Or just make the season pass free, or $30 cheaper.

Dirtnapstor2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

I would concur. Unless DICE has quite the surprise up their sleeve, the season pass as is, is too much for 16 more maps.

If there was an official SP campaign, I doubt anyone would be complaining at all.

TimelessDbz2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

I really don't see the issue. It's like when a professional sports player says "I'm going to Disney world" or when you have celebrities on food and drink products when knowing good and well they don't actually eat or drink that product.

vegasgamerdawg2570d ago

How does the article even make it here? Ea does every single company that ever lived.....and this is a hot story...shows the intellect of N4G readers...smh.

Rachel_Alucard2570d ago

Because the product is subpar and it seems desperate. Having a celebrity advertise household items and services wouldn't affect the brand any more or less. It's like when a bad movie gets those CRITICS GIVE IT 2 THUMBS WAY UP nonsense in the commercials

someOnecalled2570d ago

That's what I was going to say. Doesn't every company does this. Impl pretty sure all the famous people in those cod ads don't play the game or play that much to support it

FlameBaitGod2570d ago

Or use that money for free game dlc and make gamer's happy but nahhh, TY EA.... you really are bright.

2570d ago
solar2570d ago

its all part of the machine to keep the sheeple spending their money, to keep fueling the machine. LOL.

2570d ago
awi59512570d ago

No different than the Sony fanboys in this site. If you say good things about sony you have 10 bubbles, if you say good things about xbox you have 3 bubbles lol. Thats why im all pc i hate you console fanboys and i dont miss you at all. PC master race is so great so many options to ban or mute you kids. Move out of your moms basement and pay for your own games for once.

eferreira2570d ago

Just like how every company pays athletes to say they like their product.

NickieNick2570d ago

Isn't this how commercials work? Celebrities endorse products...??

magiciandude2570d ago

I know I've made the right decision not buying this game when EA has to stoop down this low. Just amazing.

Soc52570d ago

Good point, it also seems publishers like EA really want games to be around 100 a pop hence season pass and all the extra crap they push. They really want that hundred dollar price point. I know a lot of gamers are going along with it but not this gamer. I'm actually becoming more and more budget minded because of crap like this.

UKmilitia2569d ago

I cant believe people bought the game.
after announcing the game would be full price(online only) lets not forget blops3 last gen was £15-20 less at retail for that fact.
then they leave half the maps out to sell on with season pass.

why the hell are people supporting this????

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Roccetarius2570d ago

Of course EA would do this. It's been revealed before, that companies have used teams for sites like Reddit, Youtube and even on here to create a positive comment stream. Some even review their own games positively on Steam.

Good-Smurf2570d ago

Levelcapgaming review of Battlefront quoted "Quality over quantity"

2570d ago
WeAreLegion2570d ago

That's disgusting. Guerrila marketing doesn't belong on forums.

Eat fresh.

JasonKCK2570d ago

Any game reviewer or site that runs ads for the same industry they do news/previews/reviews for are biased and sell outs by default.

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UserNameIsNotTaken2570d ago

They paid the Battlefront subreddit mods if you guys didn't know.
The mods were removing anything negative about the game.

madmonkey012570d ago

they were removing anything in breach of the NDA, during the alpha stage.

Gh05t2570d ago

...When you post a news article to support your claim only to find its been updated to disprove your own claim.

Rookie_Monster2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago ) low can you go EA? Put an embargo on the game after launch day to hoodwinked customers to get this mediocre game along with a day one $50 season pass with more missions than than the actual game.

Now, after hearing this, it will be a long time before I will buy another EA game again. This is just classless. Now, I have my suspecion on the 8/10 IGN scores. I have no doubt they paid them off as well for an 8.

antz11042570d ago

Congrats, your countless negativity toward the game has finally swung full circle and you found a way to justify how a completely separate company dared to give the game a good score. Lol whatever helps you sleep I guess.

DigitalRaptor2570d ago ShowReplies(3)
Halo2ODST22570d ago

Stop digging yourself a deeper hole.