First Microsoft, now Sony: Fake Applause During Japan's PlayStation 4 Launch Event

It's no doubt that the PlayStation 4 event in Japan was spectacular, and Japanese gamers finally have their hands on the console that's taking the world by storm.

But one nagging fact remains - the large majority of cheering and applause during the event was quite obviously fake.

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aceitman1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

lame article its not even fake , he got them more hype and that's it .

aconnellan1612d ago

Did you watch the video? It's included for a reason, and even timestamped so you can find it.

It's obviously recorded, but that's not the point, it's more - is this ok?

Abriael1612d ago

The fact that it's recorded has absolutely no meaning to the fact that this is a lame flamebait article.

The studio had 30 people in it. In studio conditions it's absolutely normal, anywhere in the world, to use recorded cheer since the times of sitcoms in the seventies.

You're making a case out of nothing, and comparing it to a conference hall with hundreds of people rings the death toll on an article that is nothing else than pointless flamebait.

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aceitman1612d ago

@ aconnellan ,did u look at my reply , it shows that I did look at the video , that's why I said something. so yes I did watch the video

aconnellan1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

@aceitman So you did, sorry if it seemed like I jumped down your throat.

Edit: I was more addressing where you said 'trying to make it look fake', it just came across as you meaning I was trying to convince people the applause was fake, that's all

Wenis1612d ago

Lol they could have at least tried to make it not sound so fake. Its like they hired a 15 year old off the streets to edit the sound in or something.

PoSTedUP1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

@wenis- thats because they have nothing to hide, its intentionally fake, they clearly arent trying to "pull a fast one" nor do they need to (obviously). its like a old tv tradition-thing if youre wondering why. and the difference between this and what MS did at E3 is Night and Day.

scott1821612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Sony Too.

The PS4 sells like Miso soup, the reason for the canned applause = small studio.

Eonjay1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Who cares. That girl playing FIFA was entertaining as hell.

shoddy1612d ago Show
lolCHILLbro1612d ago Show
SilentNegotiator1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago ) mean that sitcom applause didn't come from the dozen people in the room?!


Kryptix1612d ago

Not sure why Sony needed the fake applause for. It's not like there's anything negative about the PS4 since it's doing well in other parts of the world. Maybe they were afraid the launch wouldn't be well received in Japan like what happened with the Wii U?

Whatever it was, a culture thing, to hype the crowd up, or to give that fake perception of it being well received like what Microsoft was very unnecessary. So I question the true intention of that hilariously bad quality applause.

MrDead1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

All this money your parents waste on computer games and what you kiddies really want is tapes of canned applause, I've never seen you all so excited

I'm glad this is flagged as gaming news on N4G.

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thisismyaccount1612d ago


You´re obviously living under a rock, because otherwise you would have not submitted this at all knowing that this "fake applause" was already used during TGS2013 Deep Down Stage Show in >2013<!

But then again, we know why you submitted this.. dont we?

hay1612d ago

Applause is just hilarious, it's even badly inserted :D It's just too badly done to be true, isn't it some kind of joke towards MS?

aconnellan1612d ago


So you're trying to say that someone should have said something then instead of waiting?

I kid, but in all seriousness, my point was to point out firstly that it isn't just Microsoft who do it (like I've seen a lot of people saying), and to ask are practices like these ok in any setting - regardless of company or context. And if they are, are they ok all the time, or only sometimes?

It's that kind of conversation I wanted to start, not "You're suggesting something I don't like; obviously trolling" that a lot of people are bringing to the table

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fr0sty1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Looks like a random n4g user saw my comment in the PS4 japan launch article and ran with it. I figured it was only a matter of time before that happened.

You've blown up a bunch of nothing into a big deal. Laugh tracks (as they are called in the industry) are a standard practice. They just usually are not this poorly executed to where they are so obvious. Typically, they are used because the sound guy wants to have total control over the audience, and doesn't want a hyped or unruly crowd to disturb the performance. So, they will use a laugh track instead which enables them to mute the "audience" instantly and go back to the direct feed audio from the microphones. This prevents things like someone walking out and having to wait 5 minutes for the applause to stop before they can begin talking.

They obviously had no room mics set up at this event... so the only audio feeds they were getting were from the handheld mics that the guests on stage were holding. Whoever their audio guy was didn't know what he was doing by using the same exact laugh track over and over again, you are supposed to have a collection of them so that you never use the same once twice.

It didn't take long for fanboys foaming at the mouth to latch onto this one, and for nothing in the end. The crowd is very obviously actually cheering in the videos, so it isn't as if the laugh track was "needed" in any way other than for the audio guy to have complete control over the room noise. They just did a very poor job of it.

I've been doing live audio, video, and lighting production for longer than some of you here have been alive. I've seen this more times than you could count. It is nothing new, and not a practice of someone trying to fake applause where there is none unless you can clearly see the crowd is not cheering (like they were during Microsoft's E3 press conference). When you see the camera showing a crowd of people clapping and cheering, and you hear clapping and cheering... even if it's the same clapping and cheering sound you heard 5 minutes ago, it's still quite obvious there was actually cheering going on.

The difference here is, at E3 Microsoft didn't use a laugh track. They put a bunch of their employees at the back of the room and had them all cheer as loudly as possible at every announcement. That's why you kept seeing tweets about "all the cheering is coming from the back, where MS employees are seated". Even though the cameras were showing a bunch of bewildered journalists sitting still and not clapping.

In this case, we heard cheering, we saw cheering... Even if the two weren't coming from the same source, we still both saw and heard cheering.

So, quit making a big deal over nothing people.

UncleGermrod1611d ago

I just find it amazing they couldn't come up with a better track than that. It was the same every time. If I was in the audience I think I would have noticed it. Just sad.

Dee_911611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

You know what I hate? How people ignore everything that leads up to something, and only pay attention to that "something". In other words... All of the DRM crap MSFT pulled fueled a backlash when they did the fake applause.If they didn't do all this DRM stuff, and still did the fake applause I doubt anyone would have said anything about it.. So idiots just see "oh miscrosoft did fake applause, everyone reacts" but ignore everything that leads up to those reactions and expect people to react the same way when someone else does it....So.. OF COURSE we wont have the same reactions when Sony does it, because their reasoning for doing this, at least appears to be different from MSFT reasoning..
Common sense goes a long way..

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Bimkoblerutso1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )


I think the issue is that it was ALREADY a big deal when Microsoft did it. Now, it is naturally being downplayed when Sony was caught doing it.

I agree that this is no big deal, but if we all agree on that, then we all have to agree that everyone was being ridiculous when Microsoft was roasted for doing it.

It's just crazy that this is being labeled as flame bait, when there has not been one goddamned day that has gone by without at least a couple of "Microsoft game sub-1080p" or "XboxOne eSRAM is terrible" articles soaring over 500° instantly because people are so entrenched in this console war BS.

DragonKnight1611d ago

Oh for the love of...

Do you know what would have happened without that canned response? In a room that small, with that few number of people, legitimate applause would sound immensely underwhelming no matter how excited the people were and then this article would have it's title changed from what it is to..

"Sony underwhelms audience at Japan's Playstation 4 Launch Event"

And every single person here knows it.

nypifisel1611d ago

This is completely different, it's a cultural difference to consider here!

UltimateMaster1611d ago

In Microsoft's conference, you actually saw people in the crowd not clapping.
Here, all we see is the announcer.
They seem generally happy to be there, but there are some pre-recorded whistles clamoring on top of their cheering.
Again, it's a TV Station making the editing and not Sony themselves. (If it were Sony, it wouldn't been better done and not that amateur voice editing, Sony Vegas or other software editing would have done a better job)

WiiUsauce1611d ago

When Microsoft does it, let's ridicule them! When our god almighty Sony does it, it's okay! lol these Sony drones.

Eddie201011611d ago

This is a japan event meant for the Japanes, it's up to them to decide weather it makes a difference or not, plus it was just a small group of people chosen by lottery. As for other events in america Sony has not done this that I know of but Micrisoft does this kind of thing at nearly every American media event, either it's fake applause or they have there own group of people in Xbox gear front and center of the stage to do the over the top applause. The enthusiasm of the Sony fans in America is very high so Sony doesn't need any kind of help at it's American events.

dantesparda1611d ago

This is just how Japanes like to do thing, happy, cheery, wacky, to try and make the show more fun and exciting. They are not trying to trick you. Besides people are geniunely excited about the PS4 and want to buy it. Whereas the MS press conference was obviously them trying to do damage control and trick you into thinking people were more excited about X1 then people actually were. When in reality everybody was still upset about the whole DRM, always on, 24hr check ins, spycam, cant borrow sh!t, $500 price and inferior specs situation.

And also MS fanboys claim that this site is ran by Sony fanboys, yet notice all the agrees the MS fanboys are getting and all the disagrees the Sony fanboys have. Who's disagreeing with Sony fanboys, the Sony fanboys? And it seems like you MS fanboys are still upset over that event, talk about tit for tat. Pathetic!

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Lior1612d ago

It was pre recorded hahaha i was like wtf after 10 minutes maybe its a japanese thing to do this

Abriael1612d ago

It's perfectly normal in any place in the world to do it in studio conditions with a small audience. Where have you been since the seventies?

aconnellan1612d ago

@Abriael This is the discussion I wanted, thank you for giving your opinion :)

So you've said it's for smaller audiences; do you think that's to help pad the otherwise quiet applause, or is it to help the audience get more excited?

Abriael1612d ago

There's no discussion to be had. There's no case here.

kayoss1612d ago

Actually Japanese people sound like that. Have you seen Japanese porn?
I kid.... Sheesh.
Anyways, this is a studio so per recorded is acceptable. But my only question is, do they actually need it?

brave27heart1611d ago

When Microsoft did it I was critical of them. In the interest of fairness, even as someone who is firmly in Sonys camp, I feel its only right to be critical of them too.

Poor showing Sony. It wasnt needed and makes you look bad.

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sinncross1612d ago

I should probably point out that this clapping/ cheer track is something Sony also uses at their other PS events in Japan, especially at TGS when they so their live demos etc.

Seriously, PS fans here know the sound, and most do not care.

sobekflakmonkey1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

yeah, that's true, they did use it at TGS. I remember watching Deep Down footage from TGS and noticing it was just a laugh track being repeated, it might just be a japanese thing then. :s

Here's the link for anyone who wants to see it for themselves, happens at 13:48 and many other times throughout the video.

And I think they did it with like every game being shown as well, so I encourage you to look it up...might be a little different than what Microsoft did, being as this might just be like a weird cultural thing we're not used to.

TekoIie1611d ago

"Seriously, PS fans here know the sound, and most do not care."

So true. It's the reason why PS fans in this article are coming up with different theories as to why its there ;)

Sharky2311612d ago

I can't get the video to work , but this could be aaa case of the sound not being on time with the video. It is ustream crazy things can happen. I don't care either way I'm just saying.

sinspirit1612d ago

In Japan this kind of thing is more common. It is a queue for the audience, since it can be disrespectful, and these conferences are more business-like over there.

JasonKCK1612d ago ShowReplies(1)
imt5581612d ago

Difference is that this is a show, a launch event, Microsoft's event was not a show, it was a console reveal at much larger scale.

Lame article anyway.

SharnOfTheDEAD1612d ago

Lmao these comments, Westerners thinking we know Japanese TV and culture, seriously go and watch some Japanese shows, this isn't unusual.

yeahokchief1612d ago

This is really dumb. It doesn't matter if the applause was fake.

I'm sure Seinfeld used fake laughs in some episodes and real laughs in others, but that doesn't mean the show wasn't funny.

If they used fake clapping it was probably because the acoustics of the room were not great for recording the clapping.

This is such a non issue and a waste of everyone's time.

Sayai jin1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

It is not uncommon for companies to use pre-rendered tracks for these types of events, but the irony is so thick you could cut it with a knife. LOL

ITPython1612d ago

lol, they didn't even try to make the cheering seem realistic. It literally repeats every couple of seconds and is the exact same cheering sound with no variation. This cheering is like something you would find on a low-end keyboard, you press the key and you hear cheers, release the key and the cheering ends immediately (doesn't taper off, it just stops).

I dunno, I think this is a Japanese thing TBO. Is it a big deal? Absolutely not. From the beginning of the video you clearly do not hear the crowd at all, so it seems as if they had to introduce some kind of fake cheering or hear no cheering at all (even though the crowd was visually excited, but were not miced).

Although they would have done a lot better with making the cheers sound more realistic. But again... this just seems to be a Japanese thing. For all we know the Japanese, and/or other countries, hear the fake laugh-tracks on our US sitcoms and wonder what idiot would ever believe that was real laughing.

It's a culture thing. Fake cheering is normal for them, just like fake laughs during comedy sitcoms is normal for Americans.

andibandit1612d ago


your so lame defending it now, when in this article:


you were mocking it....

jcnba281612d ago

This just further proves that Sony and Microsoft are from the same cloth.

gapecanpie1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

How sad and pathetic just like the ones defending this for whatever ret**d reason ...Lmao... PC ftw!

mcarsehat1612d ago

It does have a meaning. if people are generally excited for something, you don't fake MORE excitement to show the world that it is BIGGER than japan's applause.

Why fake it, most times, things like this don't get met with applause or screaming, they get met with genuine praise and excitement on a more contained and respected level. It isn't a load of Americans watching a film.

TGF_Zero1611d ago

Try watching the video fan boy

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1611d ago

This is ok though because it's Sony. Sony can do no wrong. They don't care about the money. Sony doesn't lie. Sony is for the gamer. They care about the gamer only. Sony is the best! I love Sony. I want sony to make love to me.

bennissimo1611d ago

That's all the PS4 is:


At least for now.

A console that only does games but has a crappy library is worthless.

The only people who only have a PS4 either don't play a lot, hate MS more than they love gaming, or are afraid to try something new.

yeahokchief1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Or maybe we just dont want a box that can only do 720p?

I have warframe, resogun, dont starve, killzone, etc PLENTY OF GAMES.

I'm still overloaded with free PS3 games. Part of what drew me to the PS4 before march when infamous and metal gear come out is the fact that i got a ton of free game via PS PLUS for the PS4 in addition to vita and PS3.

So no your statment would be incorrect. And i'd argue warframe is better than anything currently on the xb1 by miles. You should try it on pc if you dont have a ps4. it's pretty excellent and its free.

Sony really just nailed it with the value. it was an offer i couldn't refuse and i was even looking to start moving away from console gaming.

Chicken Tonight.

@xyakuzaz I will bash microsoft at every opportunity. They hire social media managers to manipulate people. They deserve every bit of criticism. Maybe if they had redesigned their 360 so that it didn't overheat instead of keeping the same lousy design i might have bought one of their pathetic machines and still been multiplatform. Sony were idiots for releasing a $600 console but they corrected their mistake and it's turned out pretty well for them id say. i still am multiplatform actually with the wii u now. so i guess i just dont waste $500 on a 720 machine.

DUUUUDE I JUST REALIZED WHY tHEY CALL IT THE XBONE instead of XB720. THEY DIDNT WANT THE ASSOCIATiON WITH BEING THE 720p MACHINE when the PS4 is pulling 1080p. NOW I SEE WHY THEY WENT WITH THE BAD NAME!! I dont know why i didnt see that earlier.

Whatever man. Enjoy your xbox. the games should still be pretty good.

BullyMangler1611d ago

poor sony

you wont catch Nintendo FAKING their fame.

sad times for sony

chrismichaels041611d ago

The applause may have been fake....but the excitement and sold out numbers were real.

TAURUS-5551611d ago

was it fake ??...i dont think so.

i trust in sony

Pogmathoin1611d ago

Sony does fake better than MS too! Wow!

showtimefolks1611d ago

keep looking for a way to bash sony nothing is stopping this

JasonKCK1611d ago

Apparently the truth = a no no here.

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Goro1612d ago

N4G community: Approve the Xbox One event fake applause and bash the hell out of Microsoft.
N4G community: Report the PS4 event fake applause and claim that they're just mocking Microsoft and laugh about it.

Studio-YaMi1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Put in mind that the PS4 isn't doing bad at all,not to mention that Japan is the MAIN motherland of Sony,I really don't think that they need fake applause to make an impact because THEY ALREADY DID,I think this is something attached to this being aired on a small stage but who knows.

That being said,a fake applause is a fake applause,and that WAS a fake applause & what MS did before,Sony did here as well(not on the same levels though).

madpuppy1612d ago

The difference was that the Xbone needed fake applauds and cheering by MS employees, everybody else were too much in shock from all the crazy DRM schemes.

The Playstation 4 is already getting continuous real applauds from the rest of the world, the only thing Sony is guilty of is doing something unnecessary.

SilentNegotiator1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

If you felt like you were supposed to be fooled that the tiny audience made that large applause (as opposed to Xbone's decently sized announcement audience and the MS employees creating noise off camera), you're either trying too hard or are a numbskull. And obviously it's at least the first, since you're trying to show "TEH SONY4G HYPOCRIZY"

maniacmayhem1612d ago

Pretty much sums it up. Fake applause is a fake applause.

PoSTedUP1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

LOL. not just this article, but you are stretching it as well... what MS did was have people set up in the audiance and have them clap (bc they knew the crowd would not like what they were about to say) in front of THOUSANDS of people and boradcasted all over the WORLD to try and not make them look so horrible b4 launch. this for the PS4 launch, which has already been out and been praised beyond belief, and where japan is already obviously hyped and excited ...with a small group, using a reorded audiance which is OBVIOUSLY fake and is used in these smaller situations in japan. not to keep them from looking bad, bc, well, they know the ps4 looks good and everyone is happy with it and wants it.

if you dont see the difference.... no wait, someone honestly cant be that ignorant... just a bitter sony hater, imo. if not, please, get more logic.

aconnellan1612d ago

Or maybe the MS employees were in the audience because MS was revealing a console they had worked very hard on? And they cheered extra loud because they were proud of what they'd made?

If your kid was presented an award on stage at school I'm assuming that you'll feel some amount of pride, and will cheer louder than the person next to you to show your support. I know I would.

As for the recorded applause I think that it was pretty unacceptable then too, no matter the reason. Although I doubt it was there to stop them from looking horrible, seeing as everyone would know it's fake (applause and audience not matching up doesn't take much effort to see)

PoSTedUP1611d ago

yeah, clap for crappy dissapointing announcements, thats not suspicious... yeah MS employees, only for The Day....

n4rc1612d ago

No kidding.. N4g for you..

Hypocrisy at its finest.. Lol

1612d ago
Wenis1612d ago

It stopped being funny 6 years ago

madpuppy1612d ago

boohoo, I really don't understand you clowns, MS attempted to piss on our heads and tried to convince us it was rain (Crazy, restrictive DRM) most normal people got mad and fought this terrible assault on consumer rights. people like you said "thank you for the rain MS" and proceeded to look up and open their mouths.

WeAreLegion1612d ago

Not hypocrisy. It's a Japanese thing. They ALWAYS do it.