EEDAR predicts HW sales for JULY

Correction: Kotaku misquored this report. This is from EEDAR's NPD Preview and not from NPD. Also, some of the "xx decreases month over month" are also wrong and misquoted from the actual report.

EEDAR has shown of their own "predicted" numbers earlier today,The Wii/DS Continue to dominate while the 360 regains its lead over the Ps3 by 50k.

Nintendo DS 625,445
Nintendo Wii 612,545
Sony PSP 235,447
Sony PS3 275,444
Microsoft Xbox 360 325,488

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Adriana Lima3723d ago

should be considered as news?
i don't think it should

mikeslemonade3723d ago

This is not going to be a trend and by next month PS3 will regain its lead back again.

DarkBlade3723d ago

Well it seem Patcher was right 360 did outsell Ps3 in July.

cahill3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

"NPD says they believe that the Xbox 360's lead over the PS3 this month will be due to the price cut of the 360's 20GB Pro model. The NPD analysis also says that they are uncertain if the 360 and PS3 will receive price cuts before the end of the year, but that if they come it will come from Microsoft first, with Sony following suit."

lol Vgchartz. see how fake their numbers are
the ps3 -x360 diff would be 25k-50k for July due the 20 g price cut according to NPD. However these are predicted numbers from their analysts. But considering this is NPD themselves the real numbers would be as close to the predicted ones

PirateThom3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

It's going to be a case of who blinks first.

They'll want to get as close to Christmas as they can without a price drop. While 360 is rumoured for September, I can see October for 360 in the build up to Gears of War 2 and early November for PS3 probably around the same time as Resistance 2.

3717d ago
eagle213723d ago

I thought Sony would sell less and MS would sell more. Once Sony has their stock back up, it's over. I thought the gap would be at least 100K.

Vgchartz should feel stupid for gasing up Microsoft. They even had one week of PS3 at 30K. LMAO, what were they smoking?

GiantEnemyCrab3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

It's august what do you expect? July/Aug and even Sept are some of the slowest gaming months in the US.

As far as the once Sony gets stock back up it's over.. well.. no.

eagle213723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

You will understand soon, what I mean. :P

jonboi243723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

True usually the summer months are slow when it comes to games maybe because a lot of people spend most of their time outsides. These are some respectable predictions considering the 360 price cut and the PS3 shortages. I can see hardware sales going up a little in August due to Madden 09, which in all likeliness should the number one selling game.

Mausenheimmer3723d ago


Quit ragging on VGChartz because your console isn't winning. And for everyone who says "I think the final sales will be closer than the estimates" I ask "Based on what?" The only prevailing logic seems to be people pulling for the console they own to sell better simply because they like it.

jojo3193723d ago

Where are the shortages? Certainly not in the US. I don't think I've ever seen the PS3 shelf "empty". Are they in short supply elsewhere in the world?

eagle213723d ago

What are you talking about? You defend vgchartz now cause they made you feel better about 360 for a couple of weeks? They were wrong again. Worldwide sales of PS3 obviously were not affected those weeks either.

Vgchartz really has nothing to do with this post, only that they were WRONG again so I pointed it out. I guess you work for Vgchartz. My bad. :P

jonboi243723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

It's more of clearing out for the newer 80G Core PS3 pack than a shortage. I believe they announced at E3 they would clear all current stock of the 40s and 80s because they wanted the new 80G to the only SKU. If this clearing out started prior to the E3 announcement or after, this could have took an effect on the PS3 sales. As I read reread my comment I realized using the word "shortage" was a mistake on my part. In no ways am I trying to put down 360 sales. I found that NPD sales "predictions" for 360 were quite respectable. We will see just how much effect the price cut have and the "clearing out" will have when NPD released the numbers for the month and I do expect 360 to come on top this month.

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mohib-uddin79865323723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Why are they predicting?

and didnt the 360 have a price cut

It would look disspointing if ps3 outsold it.

but, you know what will be even more disspointing. if MS paid NPD to post false numbers!!!!!!

-Allah Hu Ahkbar

power of Green 3723d ago

They always predict...

"if MS paid NPD to post false numbers"

^ you're kidding right?.

Sez 3723d ago

"and didnt the 360 have a price cut It would look disspointing if ps3 outsold it"

kind of like how the 360 still outsold the ps3 last year when they drop the price bak in july.

kevin11123723d ago

theres a big difference between them vega, the ps3 even with a price cut was more expensive. Now if the 360 had a price cut and got outsold even tho is was less expensive to be begin with. that would definitely look bad.

Aclay3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

I think that PS3 sales will be a little bit closer to 300,000 units. Those 80GB PS3 MGS4 bundles were still out and selling like hotcakes in July and the 20GB 360 price cut to $299 helped 360 sales so it kinda makes things even if you ask me because both systems had momentum.... but the 360 price cut didn't come until the middle of July and it wasn't for the whole month.... and the MGS4 80GB PS3 bundle stayed at the top of the charts for a LONG time and was a big seller at retail and online.... I think that July's NPD numbers will be very close.

I don't see why so many people expect 360 sales to be so much higher just because the 20GB 360 got cut to $299.99, I mean Microsoft already has the Arcade model for $279.99 and the 360 has been getting outsold by the PS3 by almost every month this year so far, so why would a $50 buck price drop on the second cheapest 360 even matter that much whenever they have a cheaper model for $279? I guess there's more demand for the 360's with the hard drives or something.

Personally I think that it will be much closer gap between 360 and PS3 sales in July.

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