Fallout 4 - Companion Guide

Brilliantly Epic's comprehensive guide to all of the companions and their skillsets within Fallout 4.

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barb_wire1771d ago

I've be using Dog the whole time, sure he's a pain in the ass, gets in the way at the most inappropiate time but I like dog. I haven't used anyone else.. and if the companions in this game are anything like the ones in FO3/NV - they can keep them, got so fed up of their inane banter.

OT.. I was walking around the waterfront in Boston (no missions, just exploring) when I came around a Legendary Radscorpion with a skull by it name.. yeah, it killed, pretty quickly too.. so, reloaded and went back to the same area, only this time, found a rooftop when I could snipe/pot shot at it.. well it burrowed away and the next thing I know, it's on the rooftop with me!

Is that a glitch?! can they do that? - hardly seems fair..

Vlaitor1771d ago

Good question, to be honest it might really be a glitch. Reloading games is surely weird. Such as mines desapearing, models popping on different places. I'm not sure if it's a memory management problem but in your case it does seem like a glitch.

barb_wire1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Well, I sure hope it is a glitch. I guess the only way to know for sure, is to find another radscorpion, legendary or not.. find a rooftop and snipe one and see if it appears on the rooftop with me.

I hate radscorpions too.. they were a pain in a ass in NV but these new ones are even tougher and seem to run faster too.


Oh, I should mention, I'm on the PS4.

Eterna1Ice1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Bethesda really stepped up this time around with companions. Like it or not, but it was definitely an influence from BioWare's titles, such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

In Oblivion most of companions were merely for a couple mission, and then there was this bastard...

In Fallout 3 they've added special companions that actually had unique personalities, and most of them wouldn't join you, unless you were either Good, Neutral or Bad and did something for them. You were also allowed to equip them as you like, as long as the equipment was better than their original.

In Skyrim companions weren't as major, as in Fallout, you've had a lot of them, actually, but they lacked anything in particular. Each of them had his own set of abilities and personal combat preferences (Bow or 2-Handed Sword etc.). You could even order them around more, though i didn't use it too much. Some could even teach you a thing or two. However guys like Lydia or Faendal felt like pawns more than actual people.

And Fallout 4. Well, i doubt you could've asked for more. Deep and different personalities, lots of dialogues, reactions to your actions, own ideas. They even have perks for you to receive. We've come a long way...


i'm rolling with dog meat....i tried piper for a few but sent her away,she now takes care of my crops lol

Bolts1771d ago

Dogmeat is fine but the humanoid companions are a hell lot better.