Review: I'm loving the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller (The Outerhaven)

Keith: Ever since Microsoft announced that they were working on a $150 controller for the Xbox One, I was skeptic. I mean, I know there were already controllers on the market in this price range and higher, that does exactly what the Xbox One Elite Wireless controller does or very close to it. Mainly the controllers from Scuf Gaming. So why did Microsoft suddenly decide to go and do create their own version and take on the very same company that they ultimately partnered up with?

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boodi1066d ago

if they only start producing that piece of art that is the XBox One Elite FordGT controller prototype.. waiting to know it becomes real..

bullproodhead1066d ago

I got a great deal on the controller . My major complaint is the stick resistance. It just feels really off . Build quality is amazing but those sticks suck they feel great but don't function like I want theM to.

Fireseed1066d ago

Could've sworn you can adjust that.

1nsomniac1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

Good luck getting it repaired or replaced by Microsoft if you are using this only on PC. After the new Windows 10 service pack that was released the other day. I tried to use the new controller firmware update feature of the Xbox accessories app. It instantly bricked my controller. After spending around 5 hours over 2 days speaking directly to 3 Microsoft reps including a manager. Not realising that I was not just some young kid & adept with legal practices & terminology. They tried to bribe me by advising they would only repair or replace it only if I purchased an Xbox One console.

After requesting a copy of the transcript & reeling off some legal jargon to a manager. I got a full apology got to keep my old one which can potentially be fixed by connecting it to someone else's Xbox with the batteries out for 10 mins & they're sending me a new one in the post.

If I had the time to follow it up. I would of published the transcripts & got them in real legal trouble. I couldn't believe the stuff they were coming out with but in the end I had them bent over a barrel & crapping themselves.

I wonder just how many times they've gotten away with it.

Some of the worst service I've come across in my entire life!

jaixvx1066d ago

"which can potentially be fixed by connecting it to someone else's Xbox with the batteries out for 10 mins" did that actually fix your controller?? if so, holy shit! what a bunch of money grubbing liars.

1nsomniac1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

Haven't tried it yet. I haven't got an Xbox. I only use the controller for my win 10 PC. So I need to take it to a friends when I get time.

When it bricked I searched high & low for a fix on a lot of forums. Even the official Xbox support forum. Lots of people have had the same issue. Apparently it's hit or miss but it does work quite often.

vegasgamerdawg1066d ago

"They tried to bribe me by advising they would only repair or replace it only if I purchased an Xbox One console."

That makes no can't even write down a coherent thought. People agreeing with nonsensical babbling...?????? FanBOYS??????

1nsomniac1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

Haha what? Maybe you should try educating yourself if you don't understand.

That's exactly what they said. I've got half of the transcript that I managed to copy & email to myself. I'm still waiting on them fulfilling the agreement & sending me the second half. The manager initially told me it wasn't possible to issue transcripts after I asked for it.

As I'm fully aware that by law you have to provide these on request as it has been part of my job role in a previous job. The "manager" was completely unaware of this & didn't know what to do at that point other than panic & go away to confirm with her team.

My statement was perfectly coherent. Yours however makes no sense. Which makes your comment even more funnier. However I don't think that was the point that you were trying to make.

ScorpiusX1066d ago

Love mine , no issue as of yet . Am good, but want another for back up .

BuildTheWall1066d ago

Ordered mine from Bestbuy on Nov. 6 & I got it in the mail this morning. I recieved an email last week saying that if they didn't get enough Elite controllers to fulfill my order by the Nov. 18th that they would cancel my order.

boodi1065d ago

interesting . . . . . .