Far Cry 4 Doesn't Get the Credit it Deserves

Zack at Horse Stealth Gaming liked Far Cry 4 so much he decided to write about it on the internet. Between crazy action and delightfully insane characters, what is not to like?

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SCW19821064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

That's because we gave it credit when it was Far Cry 3.

WildArmed1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

lol pretty much this.

I loved FC3 and it did everything so well. Then came along FC4, which does everything pretty much just as well.

It brought along everything I love in FC3 and kept it. So anything I really loved in FC4 was in FC3.

Dragonking0071063d ago

It didnt have same impact as 3 did world feels empty sure theres villages but they dont feel very great or memorable

Maddens Raiders1063d ago

Damn Far Cry 3. What memories...

kitsune4511063d ago

Far Cry 3 was still the best. Hawks...freakin hawks...

MicrosoftMackin1062d ago

Yeah the villages need sidequests like fallout or witcher but I'm not sure ubisoft is willing to go full rpg in that manner

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zdkapl1063d ago

For me Far Cry 3 never grabbed me like 4. Don't get me wrong, 3 is great, but I feel like the discussion when 4 came out was, "well this is too much like 3" and automatically people stopped caring. I think it was unfairly ignored to an extent for this reason, when most sequels tend to be popular because they are similar to their predecessors.

WildArmed1063d ago

The game was well received, it wasn't ignored because it was too much of the same.

It just wasn't new, and we played (and loved) the game as a FC3 sequel. Nothing more, nothing less.

FC4 didn't do the FC franchise a disservice. It was a good sequel, just not a quantum leap in the franchise like FC3 was.

spicelicka1063d ago

I will say though, the map editor is just brilliant. Being able to place A.I. and uploading custom made missions is one of the most underrated features it didn't get credit for.

76erz241063d ago

I actually think this game was superior to Far Cry 3 despite it's similarities. Far Cry 3 fell off half way through due to one of the villains death while Far Cry 4 I thought maintained it's momentum all the way through.

Niceman911063d ago

I completely agree with killing the most enigmatic and interesting villain being a bad decision, especially considering it was midpoint through the game.
With that said, FarCry 3 was a great game but i really didn't warm to FarCry 4 and although I tried my hardest, several times in fact, it felt more like an expansion rather than a full-blown sequel. And Kyrat didn't interest me as much as the tropical "paradise" in FarCry 3; does anyone else feel the same?

Aloy-Boyfriend1063d ago

What momentum tho? All I remember was two faction leaders always telling me what to do or arguing what choice to make. I wish I could have sided with Pagan since the beginning. Pagan was a refreshing villain but it was mostly in the shadows. Shame

KiwiViper851063d ago

there was an option to side with pagan min...

Doodleburger1063d ago

Both 3 and 4 were fantastic open world games, and i finished both, which is a rarity for myself and that genre. I usually get burnt out halfway through. Still need to beat mordor!

Jmanzare1063d ago

Shadow of mordor was great but the ending was so horrible

Knuckle Duster1063d ago

I enjoyed both of them thoroughly!

Umbasa1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

Far Cry 4 Doesn't Get the Credit it Deserves

Um, yes it did, it was a great game and received great reviews about a whole year ago.... I loved it. NEXT!!

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