Dreams PS4 is about to go Deeper

"Today we join Mark, Steve, Peter, and John in Media Molecule’s latest Dreams PS4 stream live from Twitch! First in create mode we see more gameplay footage in Dreams with character possession. Pilot Bird made by Mm artist Emily shows premade animations are possible such as flapping. As allowed by the creator and settings of the Dream, the camera has totally free form movement." - PlayStation4Dreams from the latest Livestream.

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AnotherProGamer1065d ago

This is the most ambitious upcoming game

amnalehu1064d ago

they are both pretty ambitious in totally different ways but both top my list for 2016.

BubbsyKong1064d ago

I would have to say this game looks cool but when h1z1 hits ps4 all the console people are going to go wild!!

bullproodhead1064d ago

no they aren't. h1z1 is boring

kraenk121064d ago

You must be joking..that game is a lame copy of DayZ nothing more.

Lamboomington1064d ago

It's amazing seeing a studio put out something so innovative and creative. Never seen anything like Dreams

akurtz1065d ago

no kidding though, this game seems a bit crazy, crazy good.

paddy951065d ago

Wow too amazing! I love how they are showing the current state rather than the lies most devs use which ends with disappointment when the final game releases at a rubbish frame rate, blurry textures and a millions bugs. This is all ready amazing and will only get better. Insane that its all made on PS4 too :O

SmokingMonkey1064d ago

I can't wait for this, I will most likely be creating the Venture Compound.

Truly next gen.

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