Konami Strikes Again: Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Going Free-to-Play

The Games Cabin - Konami is releasing Pro Evolution Soccer 2016: Free to Play. Most won’t really mind, but it’ll still feel like a bit of a kick in the teeth considering the full game itself hasn’t been out all that long.

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migh_and_highty1061d ago

Makes the most sense for them. Fifa just kills it here in the UK, and assumedly everywhere in Europe. PES reviewed higher but it will never catch up with EA while fifa games have that title. Although if it was me i'd have waited until pes 17 to avoid pissing people off further

KingPin1061d ago

the only reason fifa sells more is because of licencing and possibly presentation.

before i used to have time to sit down and edit option files and import data and assign kit layouts, logos, etc but nowadays even though it only takes couple of hours, i just cant go through it anymore.

it does take a little away from the game but ive come to overlook that. and when you do, PES2016 is clearly better than FIFA. gameplay is miles better than fifa and graphics, while debatable, IMO pes looks better.

as for free-to-play, thats fine as long as they dont start shafting you on small things like balls and kits, etc etc. i bought PES 2016 and this news doesnt upset me. i paid for a full game and anything that they will be doing in microtransactions will most probably release via option files anyways made by the community. so if people really wanted to, they could find the time to install it.

DarkOcelet1061d ago

Not a good idea. I am thinking they are testing the water for a future full of microtransaction games.

Sir_Simba1061d ago

Maybe them making future PES titles free-to-play with same quality (consoles quality), could be a good move.
They can grow market-share significantly.

Imagine Fifa 17 releasing as free to play, you choose one league for free, which you can play with as much as you want, and they can sell the others for like $5 each.

freshslicepizza1061d ago

could this not be related to the mobile market?

Sir_Simba1061d ago


i did not even consider that, the tags did not mention mobile but it could be.

UKmilitia1061d ago

haha release game and your naked with no nets and ball.

buy net £1
buy a ball £1,then every so many games ball pops so have to buy a new one.

Black0ut1061d ago

Pay per ball. Only in a pack of 10 for $5 each.

Black0ut1061d ago

My first thought as well. Really weird.

KTF261061d ago

Free2Play usually means Pay2Win

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The story is too old to be commented.