How Capcom Exploited Fans to Greenlight Resident Evil 2 HD

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"The news of an official Resident Evil 2 remake might be music to many ears, but it's coming at a steep cost to one poor group of loyal fans."

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DarkOcelet1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

While Invader games did a great job on Reborn, lets face it, it would have never been a full on RE2 Remake. Yes, it looked good but it had nothing else. And it would have took them years to actually make it a good game with great elements other than the visuals.

The animations weren't great and would have never been like a true RE2 Remake. If there is one thing Capcom excels at, it is the details and the visuals. Deep Down looks jaw dropping and i expect RE2 Remake and RE7 to look as good.

Now, atmosphere and gameplay wise, i think RE2 will be dripping with atmosphere and horror elements. And RE7 will be Survival Action game.

I still respect and appreciate their work because they are one of the reasons Capcom will finally remake RE2.