How Capcom Exploited Fans to Greenlight Resident Evil 2 HD

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"The news of an official Resident Evil 2 remake might be music to many ears, but it's coming at a steep cost to one poor group of loyal fans."

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DarkOcelet3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

While Invader games did a great job on Reborn, lets face it, it would have never been a full on RE2 Remake. Yes, it looked good but it had nothing else. And it would have took them years to actually make it a good game with great elements other than the visuals.

The animations weren't great and would have never been like a true RE2 Remake. If there is one thing Capcom excels at, it is the details and the visuals. Deep Down looks jaw dropping and i expect RE2 Remake and RE7 to look as good.

Now, atmosphere and gameplay wise, i think RE2 will be dripping with atmosphere and horror elements. And RE7 will be Survival Action game.

I still respect and appreciate their work because they are one of the reasons Capcom will finally remake RE2.


Capcom Has No Plans To Discontinue Availability Of Games Via Physical Media

Capcom has announced that it has no plans to discontinue the availability of its games via physical media.

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shinoff218314h ago

Interesting. Then where the fk are the new moster hunter games , physically in north America. Hell I'd even import but the 2nd game is a digital code. What's up capcom?

VersusDMC2h ago

Obviously they don't mean 100% of their games are going to be physical.

And considering 90% of their sales were digital last year you're lucky they are still releasing physical at all.


Cacabunga2h ago

I will support them going forward! No physical no buy

CobraKai2h ago

They got my continued support for sure

QuantumMechanic10h ago(Edited 10h ago)

Great news! I'd also like to see their PS VR2 experiences released on physical media.

ravens5210h ago

👏🏽👏 27997;👏🏽㈇ 9;🏽. I will continue to purchase their games!

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Resident Evil 2 Remake Achieves A New Unfathomable Sales Milestone

The Resident Evil 2 remake has hit yet another huge milestone that no one saw coming, becoming the series' highest-sold single SKU title.

Cacabunga30d ago

Great game, shows how enjoyable old school games are

franwex30d ago

Bought this game like 2 years ago and have yet to play it. I was about to yesterday night, but decided to plow through my existing ff7 rebirth play through instead. But this is next up.

CrimsonWing6930d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Man, I hope that rumored classic trilogy collection drops. One thing I loved about these Remakes were how they blended that old-school obtuse back-tracking puzzle solving gameplay and this is going to sound psycho but the gore was kinda next level, lol.

Excellent game, though I kinda hate how these Remakes omit large portions of the originals. I’d have liked to see the giant spiders in the sewer or do something creative with the giant moth. Also I wish the city bit was more 1:1. One of the coolest parts was just seeing the city and the chaos that happened in the OG 2 and 3.


Capcom's Old Game Engine Seemingly To Blame For Certain Releases Skipping Xbox

“Capcom has no pipeline for porting older MT Framework titles to Xbox's modern ERA system, which makes it more expensive to deliver the same titles than it would porting them to PlayStation 4, Switch, or PC.”

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Valkyrye33d ago

Phase 1 Denial
Phase 2 Excuse making
Phase 3 Indifference

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darthv7233d ago

did MS just stop supporting MT framework all together? I get that its not supported for Series (same with PS5) but the PS4 and XBO supported it. So, its just odd that there is a PS4 version (which would subsequently run on PS5 via BC) but not an XBO to do the same.

Unless there was some update applied to both XBO/Series that no longer make it compatible and only existing titles are it. I'm getting it for Switch anyways so I'm good. I have the other collections on there and I like to keep things together.

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DefaultComment32d ago

Nah, that's PR talking even with an outdated engine they can still port games from the early 2000's to their so called "max power" hardware.
This is just plain and simple ever since their game pass, is not profitable for Japanese companies to port their games for a montly subscription. They still are rooted into buy and sell their products, in contrast Microsoft is trying to FORCE us to consume gaming as a service and not a product.
The day that gaming industry becomes a service that's when I would most likely leave it and let it rot since that is a walking dead insutry and no longer consumer friendly like. Fortunatly we can still vote with our wallets.

Tedakin31d ago

How is MS trying to force you to do anything? You can buy your games. You can subscribe to them. They give you an option to play their games just about any way you choose. Why is that a bad thing?

DefaultComment31d ago

Game pass is imposed at this point, they insist and that's their big bet for them, hence why they were buying studios to make games for their gamepass library,.Baiscally making gaming a service like Netflix or Disney+. that's anticonsumer and hopefully we still got options.