Gamefocus review: Top Spin 3

Gamefocus reports:

''Top Spin 3 offers plenty of modes including exhibition, career, and tournament as well as a very detailed tutorial and of course online and offline multiplayer. The game can be punishing and brutal to both novice and seasoned players but the one thing that rings true is the realistic mechanics of playing Tennis. Together with the timing of your swing and the placement of the ball, the game requires players to pay careful attention to these details without the screen getting bogged down by gauges or timers or any other gaming mechanism typically used in a sports game.

Part of the gameplay adds the ability for players can increase their skills in the game by winning matches. This earns experience points, which can be used to increase skills. These skills are nice to have because they have an impact on your performance and include: forehand, backhand, service, return, volley, power, speed and stamina. Also available to purchase with additional points is merchandise and the sheer volume of outfits, rackets and other items that you can purchase is amazing. However, because of the serious approach that Top Spin 3 takes, the game lacks the mini-games of other tennis games. Players can play every Tournament imaginable in the Tennis circuit, but one. Where's Wimbledon?!? Except for that one…players can play every Tournament imaginable in the Tennis circuit.''

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