Battlestations: Midway Hands-on Preview

Despite what you might think when you look at the Xbox 360's lineup of titles, World War II wasn't only fought on the ground. While the ubiquitous first-person shooters are what most people think of when one mentions WWII video games, there are a few other genres that allow you to take part in The Big One. Ubisoft's Blazing Angels was the first Xbox 360 to offer players a chance to win the war from above, and now Eidos is about to take the battles to the seas. Battlestations: Midway features an intriguing mix of real-time strategy gameplay and straight-up action, and players will need to master both if they want to keep the world safe from the (first) Axis of Evil. TeamXbox recently had a chance to spend some time with a build of the game, finding a title that will appeal to both hardcore strategy fans and twitch gamers alike.

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