Fallout 3 is Better Than Fallout 4

PlayStationing writes: "Fallout 4 has released to mostly critical acclaim, and although we do have issues with the game, it’s still pretty damn good for what it is. The problem is though, unless this is your first ever Fallout game, you can’t help but compare it to Fallout 3 and New Vegas. It’s hard to pinpoint why exactly that is, because there was a an element of this when New Vegas came out, but it quickly subsided, and it’s probably because New Vegas brought a lot of new things to the table. There were more choices available to finish most quests, the story was also significantly different, and in general there were a lot of improvements across the board."

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Paytaa1090d ago

After putting in 3+ days into Fallout 4 and having somewhere around 300+ hours in Fallout 3..*takes nostalgia blinders off*...Fallout 4 is the superior game in my opinion. I would consider them equal but the settlement aspect of 4 is so damn fun and addictiing and that puts it above 3 for me.

Plus I'm from around Boston so I'm biased due to it being home.

Elit3Nick1090d ago

I agree, I've put considerable time into Fallout 3 but there was always some aspects of the game that took away from the experience. Some of these are the horrible combat and perk system, and a few immersion issues like power armor simply being somewhat better armor and dialogue freezing time. Fallout 4 fixed pretty much all the major issues I had, like how power armor now makes you feel like a walking tank and dialogue feeling a lot more seemless and natural.

DarkOcelet1089d ago

I hate the dialogue system. Its not as good as Fallout 3.

joab7771090d ago

There's no doubt in my mind that Fallout 4 is the better game. The sttlement buidling alone makes it a superior game.

Also, would you rather play F3 again or F4?

Paytaa1090d ago

At this point definitely F4 because I've literally done everything in F3 like 5 times and same with New Vegas aside from a couple achievements.

I haven't had a game probably since Mass Effect 3 where it's all I want to do while I'm at work. Some will knock Fallout for it's graphics and what not but there's something about the Fallout art style and uniqueness that puts so many games that try to be realistic to shame.

Bethesda has crafted yet again another masterpiece.

Mithan1090d ago

80 hours into Fallout 4. It's the better game :)

Livecustoms1090d ago

Nope, Fallout 4 is the better game.

sullynathan1090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

Lol, someone predicted that stories like this would come out if Fallout 4 received a lower score than Fallout 3. "Reviewers" would start missing Fallout 3 even though Fallout 3 was poor when it released.

A lot of the problems applied to Fallout 4 apply to Fallout 3. Karma system in Fallout 3 was garbage, New Vegas faction system was good.

-Foxtrot1090d ago

I think the more complex structure of your character and how you shaped them by choosing what path to go down on which was found in Fallout 3 is what's missing from Fallout 4

I mean they got rid of skills and it makes things a little easy.

I miss when you had to really choose what skills to level you have things like explosives, heavy guns, energy weapons skills grouped together in the perks in F4.

joab7771090d ago

I like being able to choose whatever perks you want whenever you want...basically.

And there's no doubt they made things simpler. It worked for Skyrim, why wouldn't they try something similar here?

-Foxtrot1090d ago

Because going simple with games like this takes the fun out of experimenting with different play styles.

I made like 7-8 characters in Oblivion in Skyrim I had 2

Fallout 3 I had 3-4 characters inn this game so far I'm quite happy with the one I have.

It added depth to your character as you had to carefully choose your skills/perks to shape them. It wasn't like "Oh I'll get that perk/skill later" it was more like "If I don't get this perk now then it messes the rest of my character plan up...DAMN I'm gonna have to find the bobblehead/magazine to balance this out".

Made you work harder for a good character

_-EDMIX-_1090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

Agreed. They explained why they changed that with Skyrim, I expected that in Fallout 4. The reality is, why should you be forced a set path with a class type of which you don't know the outcome?

They made it clear that players over time liked doing other things that they never knew they would, example. What if I find out, crap... I really like explosives in this game, why should I get stuck with a class that doesn't use them? (Wild example I know, just an example though).

You don't really know what you might end up liking playing the game long term, so why in the opening allow for a set type for a game that could last 100 plus hours? I just don't think its fair.

I'm ok with Fallout 4's perk system.

@Fox- "Because going simple with games like this takes the fun out of experimenting with different play styles."

Who said you can't do that in Fallout 4? Why is it your character has to be deemed a class? If you want focus in a certain area, just level up accordingly. I have no clue why you would want that forced, its not as if you can't actually do a class based on some set skills or perks.

They explained why in Skyrim the removed it as it actually hurt Oblivion. ie starting a game over because you liked lets say archery.

Now because you choose a class that doesn't use that, your unable to use a weapon or take advantage of a weapon i should say because of a choice made at the start of the game. It makes no sense. They are 100% correct to remove it.

Want a "class" focus on one set up with your character...done. Class.

Your asking for them to force it on gamers at the very start of a game they NEVER PLAYED (during the first playthrough anyway). Yet Skyrim, outsold Oblivion and is seen as the better game.

I'm sorry but I just don't agree with the old way as it doesn't even make any sense. You can still focus on a set class if you feel like it in Skyrim and in Fallout 4, I see no reason to force being a set class SOLELY with no option to change.

Who said you can't just do that in Fallout 4 if you choose to? Merely only level up a certain set of traits if you feel just.

sullynathan1090d ago

Because that is counter intuitive to what is an rpg.
An rpg should not allow you to do everything, everytime, everywhere.

The whole crap about being the leader of every faction at the same time, while having unlimited levels and having all perks maxed out makes for a very weak rpg or even a non-rpg. It works if the whole point of your game is to be a super action power fantasy game, but I thought Fallout 4 was supposed to be an rpg?

It didn't work in Skyrim. Skyrim opted out again for an incredibly simple perk only system again.

ZaWarudo1090d ago

Shaping your character to a specific playstyle hasn't change that much previous Fallout games. If anything, simply dumping a whole bunch of points into a single skill was a lot more easier than the new system.

-Foxtrot1090d ago

Not really because if you did that then what happens to your other skills? They get left behind and you suffer.

While most things are grouped together in the new system so you get a few things with each rank and they help more things at once.

_-EDMIX-_1090d ago

Might be one of the dumbest articles I've read in a while.

"Now that junk actually is useful (in terms of crafting, which is good), encumbrance is even more annoying. Previously you could just drop all the junk, but now you need it, yet your weight limit is too restrictive"

Sooooo because you have more use of more stuff, its bad because you can get "encumbrance" lol I can't.

"It’s very slow to get going, you can literally play hours of the game, and you still feel like you’ve not scratched the surface."

LOL! TOO much stuff guys, way too many features that getting started is slow because the game has so many layers that you feel like "you've not scratched the surface" lol

YES, one of the greatest problems in gaming today /s

Though I'm not saying the person who wrote this article feels this way, I'm merely making an observation when I say, how is it that Fallout 4 having more stuff and features that it makes it feel like after playing for hours "you've not scratched the surface" and yet in Star Wars BF, no enough content, 14 maps is low apparently. lol

So not enough content in some games, too much features in another lol Really now? How can someone not find that strange and funny?

Aenea1090d ago

I've come to the conclusion that no matter what a publisher/developer does there's always a bunch of people out there complaining.

If Fallout had had less content people would have fallen over that. If it had had a whole slew of sliders and settings in the UI for the PC gamers to tinker with than it would've been about that.

Battlefront could've had an SP campaign but would it have been true to the stories for the die hard fans? It might even have been too short or too long. Or that it was SP and not had had coop, or that it has coop but no split screen or, or, or...

There's always something. It's sad really...

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