Has Fallout Changed Enough?

Ashley From GamersFTW writes: After putting nearly 20 hours into Fallout 4 it dawned on me that not much has hugely changed. It made me wonder, do games need to be more diverse in design or is sticking to a tried and tested formula the way to go? Our review suggests not, but I wanted to give my personal take.

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1noobgamer1068d ago

it to read a different spin on it without being in the headlights of the amazing design

Yukes1068d ago

It hasn't changed radically, no, but refinement isn't some dirty word. It's still a fantastic game; there's no point trying to fix something if it ain't broke (I'm aware of the irony with how buggy Bethesda games are!)

fattyuk1068d ago

It would be insane to drastically change it,

i feel just like i did when i originally played fallout 3

and thats exactly what i was hoping for :D

alexgibson1068d ago

The game has added some awesome new features and polished and already brilliant concept. It's a hugely ambitious open world game set in an interesting setting. Why does it need to change so much? GTAV is literally the same as the previous game just set in a different city with a few new features. Far Cry 4 is a carbon copy of Far Cry 3... except both of those games aren't even as ambitious as Fallout.

joab7771068d ago

Exactly. I wouldn't want it to change too much. They added an insane crafting and building mechanic to a game that already has so much content.

It's just a phenomenal open setting in which you can do whatever the hell you want.

_-EDMIX-_1068d ago

Agreed. At the end of the day, I don't get why people are expecting it to suddenly not be the same concept. It will always be about, survival, finding items, quest etc.

As to why someone was expecting some different concept is beyond me.

Immorals1068d ago

2 days playtime so far says yes.

Barely touched the settlement building, that's another week or two!

Livecustoms1068d ago

It's not an evolutionary sequel but a solid sequel from Fallout 3 and takes it up a notch. However is it a 'next-gen open world game' as bathesda stated at the back of the game cover ? No not really in order to do that they have to create a new engine imo. Which will allow for smoother gameplay with less loadscreens (no load screens would truly be next gen :) )

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The story is too old to be commented.