Star Wars: Republic Commando - The Darkest Star Wars FPS

Star Wars: Republic Commando wasn't only one of the best Star Wars first-person shooters ever made, it was also the darkest.

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Cherchez La Ghost1063d ago

I loved that game!!! Had it on the 1st Gen Xbox.

Dlacy13g1063d ago

I have been wanting a new Republic Commando for years. Its a shame that hasn't happened yet.

DeToX4201063d ago

One the most underrated games ever and one of my all time faves.

Nodoze1063d ago

Why there has not been a seq to this is absolutely mind boggling. The stupidity of the folks at Lucasarts was absolutely amazing. A studio with arguably the most iconic licenses in the world and they could not turn out a title of high quality to save their lives.

Force Unleashed had a great story, but the bugs and lack of optimization were really really bad.

coolbeans1063d ago

I remember looking into that myself when writing my Lucasarts blog on here. Basically Lucasarts' entry into 7th gen was a management mess: the studio kept getting smaller, management kept going through different bosses--which interfered with Battlefront III eventual cancellation, and so on.

It's a shame they went out this way.

Nodoze1063d ago

Totally agree, and unfortunately as much as we may be enjoying BF right now the video of what was being created last gen on older hardware BLOWS IT AWAY.

A casualty of the mess at Lucasarts.

TheColbertinator1063d ago

Great game. Tactical FPS games were top notch at the time

Artemidorus1063d ago

Enjoyed playing online on that game

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