Edge 287: Just Cause 3 sparks a revolution for open-world action games

EDGE staff:

"That Avalanche Studios has managed to top Just Cause 2’s extravagant pyrotechnics – and in spectacular fashion, no less – is achievement enough on its own. But Just Cause 3 goes much further than a simple ‘bigger, louder’ refit, reshaping itself around the needs of players to such an extent that it makes many of its peers' approaches to gating and checkpointing feel unreasonable. For issue 287’s cover feature we spend two days with protagonist Rico, violently liberating the nation of Medici, and leave wanting more. In our ten-page feature we speak to the team creating this open-world utopia, find out how the game is pushing Havok’s tech to its limit and discover the repercussions of tethering cattle to helicopter rotors. Issue 287 of Edge is available now in print, on iPad, Google Play and Zinio."

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