EA: Full game downloads on PS4 & Xbox One to reach 40 percent by 2018 or 2019

EA has noticed how quick people have taken to the full game download avenue of software acquisition and they believe that console trend will only continue.

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BadBoyC1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Physical copies of games tend to have better and more deals than physical copies of games on consoles. Digital copies of games on consoles needs to get better in terms of deals and even pricing if we do go all digital in the future, especially since you don't have to pay retailer fees, distribution fees, packaging and manufacturing fees, etc, like you do with physical copies of games.

I hope we don't go all digital anytime soon though. Publishers and developers will have even more control over the content that we buy if everything is digital. It just opens up more doors for publishers and developers to screw us (as if they aren't doing it enough already).

Apocalypse Shadow1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Yup.and this is EA we're talking about. They would love it.

Less overhead and more profit.

They will have less trade ins for more profit.

More micro transactions,dlc,season passes and EA access for more refunds.

High prices for more profit.we've seen what happens when someone challenges them to lower their prices through competition(nfl2k). Expect to be gouged. EA future with digital is like them having Marty's sports almanac from the future.maybe they'll build a casino.

_-EDMIX-_1066d ago

I don't disagree with you, merely that EA isn't the only one doing this. You better worry about all major publishers seeking this. Activision rarely even lowers the price of their digital titles. COD Ghost is still full price on steam lol


This is far from isolated with EA. Vote with your wallets people, keep on with buying physical games! At least split it, buy digital on certain titles, but buy physical to at least offset that.

Digital is only good because physical exist to keep it in line. With just digital, you won't be seeing much price drops.

BoriboyShoGUN1066d ago

Definitely getting a 2TB HardDrive this black friday. The installs alone are killing me, and I only have a handful of digital games.

Palitera1066d ago

"Digital copies of games on consoles needs to get better in terms of deals and even pricing (...)"

It is ok to hope for it, but the mere headline of this projection already shows that "we" collectively are clearly saying that they don't need to make it better, we will pay whatever they want however they want.

Relientk771066d ago

And I'll keep buying physical copies

sashimi1066d ago

lol they just want to control the servers so they can force you to upgrade yearly.

Immorals1066d ago

Guess they're counting access, I like my physical copies!

TedCruzsTaint1066d ago

An all digital future for console will be weird.

Unlike PC, consoles are not open.
You won't have the situation where places like Steam,GoG, Green Man, and Gamersgate are all fighting for your dollar - competition.

It's still a closed platform where the console manufacturer, publishers, and developers all decide, themselves, what should be on offer, and at what price.
And it's all there to benefit them in some capacity.

Let's be honest here though ..
In a world where we are arguing how realistic it is that consoles will go the fully streaming route, we aren't far behind a purely digital future.

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The story is too old to be commented.