Hands-on with Mirror's Edge, Mercenaries 2, FIFA 09 and Brothers in Arms...

From PS3 Attitude, Kawaii writes: "On Saturday I had the opportunity to attend the Multiplay Festival at Stoneleigh Park in the UK. Although the event was mainly aimed at PC gamers there were a few PS3s set up demonstrating upcoming games."

On Mirror's Edge: "The graphics appeared clean, crisp and visually distinct. I was impressed that the restart points after deaths were frequent. My only concern was that the 1st person viewpoint seemed to make it hard to see the edge of the buildings, making it easy to fall off..."

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MURKERR3773d ago

its so easy to forget that there are many 3rd party games coming to the ps3 also fallout and resident evil 5 included

majiesto3773d ago

Mirror's Edge is looking to be amazing. I can't wait for this game to come out. I've been a fan of parkour and free running so this is perfect for me.I'm glad to see some exciting new games on the horizon.

DolphGB3773d ago

Out of all the games in this article, Mirror's Edge is the one I'm looking forward to the most.

Although I am being swayed by the explosions in Mercenaries 2 almost every day! :-)

supahbad3773d ago

i don't see why mercs2 seems to be at the back of everyone's mind. i can't wait for it because i loved the first and the graphics for the second look great, especially the explosions. can't wait to use a tactical nuke :)

DolphGB3773d ago bet! That bad boy looks awesome in the videos I've seen...

VuZuW3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

I've never been that much interested in Mirror's Edge, but I'm glad that Mercenaries is looking good and that good 3rd party games are coming to PS3.

Brodiesan3772d ago

Mirror's Edge is going to be a phenomenon. It has already generated considerably buzz in the industry and I love the fact that it utilises the SIXAXIS for some of the balancing aspects in the game.

DICE are definitely a studio that are consistently delivering.

Brodiesan3773d ago

Hey Kawaii - did you notice any motion sickness when playing Mirro's Edge?

supahbad3773d ago

haha motion sickness while sitting on your @ss playing a game?

Brodiesan3773d ago


Yep, some people have experienced motion sickness (or, more accurately, simulation sickness) while playing the game due to the perspective. To combat this the engineers have added a "dot" at the centre of the screen which focuses the eyes.

You can check out this article for more information:

kawaii3773d ago

I didn't find that I had motion sickness, although I did at times feel a bit of vertigo. I don't know that I would feel motion sickness from it though as I cope fine with fps games.

It does look like it'll be a fun game to play.