Final Fantasy XV devs reveal more combat details

The Final Fantasy XV development team have replied to questions on the fan forums, revealing more information about how the game will play.

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FallenAngel19841065d ago

I really hope there's a very detailed system implemented that allows you to set how the AI party members will act in battle.

Kalebninja1065d ago

That shouldn't be a problem since this is the team that made kingdom hearts which had a system like that.

sephiroth4201065d ago

I'd like to see them let us control all of the characters in the party like ff12.

MegaRay1065d ago

"Tales of" series have the best "Strategy" system I seen in an JRPG, hope FF XV developers take note

SarcasticDuck1064d ago

Talking about XII, Zodiacs should comeback! I'm okay if they weren't summons since we will have all the classics like titan and shiva (maybe just the 13th one to represent them), but I would really love to hunt them down again!

1064d ago