Beautiful Entwined Dynamic PS4 Theme Released, Gets Official Trailer

Pixelopus and Sony released a trailer to celebrate this mild occasion, and if you've purchased Entwined or downloaded it when it was free on PlayStation Plus in July, then you'll get the theme for free

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Wallstreet371118d ago

We are getting better themes indeed but the prices on themes has greatly inflated. Nowadays a decent dynamic theme is 3.00 and up smfh, the greed is real.

Travis37081118d ago

IKR, I'm not paying over a $1 for a theme.

We really need to get custom themes on PS4!

It's this guy called MadMoneyBanks on youtube that makes better themes than Sony and he would give them away for free if Sony allowed it.

Summons751118d ago

It's a really cool theme but there is no way in hell I'd pay 2.99 for it. Themes should be free plain and simple as advertising for the game

Wallstreet371118d ago

I agree with not paying 3 dollars but themes being free? Some of these theme creators arent big companies like Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, nor do they represent any of them so why would they make them for free? They arent getting free money from anyone. They are in the business of selling them. True we have others that make free themes because they are passionate gamers and do it voluntary but not everyone is in it for that reason. Free advertising a game they see no funds from doesnt make sense or pay bills for those ppl.

Yes free themes on are great! and i cant wait for us to be able to do so on Ps4 which usually comes mid way in a consoles life cycle like with PS3. We didnt have the ability to download or make free themes till later on. Obviously they hold back the ability to make money at the store.

Chaosdreams1118d ago

Nice theme, this makes, well still less than ten that are actually good on the psn store.

brando0081118d ago

Such a beautiful theme to a beautiful game. Took some time to get all the trophies though on Vita :P