EA Doesn't Want to "Nickel and Dime" Players With Microtransactions

GameSpot: "EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said that the company doesn't want to nickle and dime players"

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BadBoyC1068d ago

Don't put them in your games then. It's as simple as that.

AizenSosuke1068d ago

Simple and easy nuff said.

Anthotis1068d ago

"EA Doesn't Want to Nickel and Dime Players With Microtransactions"


"EA Does Want to Nickel and Dime Players With Microtransactions"

brish1068d ago


I think the article title is correct. With $50 season passes EA isn't looking for nickles or dimes they are trying to empty your bank account.

donthate1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

EA doesn't nicke and dime you, instead they will sell you an online only game for $60 and a $50 season pass that they don't specify what is in it!

I don't have issues with this, but it better be damn worth it! Titanfall did this and got a lot of hate for it, but it was totally worth it for me being the best game until Gears of War:UE was released 18 months later. BattleFront doesn't look like it will be worth it for me though....


freshslicepizza1068d ago

they say this just in time for star wars.

pinkcrocodile751068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

From my point of view, I have only ever bought annual passes for games I absolutely love... which isn't many.

Usually Battlefield, COD and Assassins Creed. I've never bothered with Micro Transactions.

As for this myth that only EA is out to fleece you, thats silly. Now if you are talking about every publisher and manufacturer on the planet trading globally then of course, that is the nature of capitalism.

You'd swear that most users on here were pro communism. However, we know that most Americans are taught this is the nature of evil and trumpet free market capitalism. Which in itself is just as evil, American and French farm subsidies anyone?

So African nations can't sell their own cotton to their people because the US governmet (and others to a lesser extent) subsidise cottom farming making it so cheap Afrian nations can't compete.

There is a word for that, it starts with T and ends with a T with a WA in the middle!.

In the grand scheme of things micro transactions and season passes are just that, buy them or dont buy them, just stop pointing the finger at EA making them beelzebub of corporate greed.

Step outside guys and get a whiff of the true nature of evil, "Free Market Capitalism gone wrong on a global scale"

I just thought I'd put that smell out there and see if anyone gaggs on it.

RumbleFish1068d ago

The answer can be one only: don't buy the games. As long as we buy the games, or even worse, we preorder the games, publishers will go on like this allways checking out how far they can go with their profit maximizing techniques.

bloop1067d ago

That's great EA!! So instead of microtransactions we get to pay double price for a game with a season pass just to get content that should've been there from the off. YAY!!

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SniperControl1068d ago

"EA Doesn't Want to "Nickel and Dime" Players With Microtransactions"

So instead they charge £50 for DLC.

Farsendor11068d ago

Just like a lot of other publishers and developers? Games will be more expensive next gen and frankly I like thought of more dlc than expensive games.

_-EDMIX-_1068d ago

@Far- Agreed. Many need to factor that when the prices go up, we will still have DLC. I'd rather have DLC as an option, then a higher price over all as its not as if changing the price would mean no DLC.

Games actually should be like $80 or $90 right now do to inflation.

Heyxyz1068d ago


"Just like a lot of other publishers and developers?" Just because it's common doesn't mean it's right. If everyone was murdering everyone, that wouldn't give me the right to murder.

Aloy-Boyfriend1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )


Please name me some games that have a $50 season pass.. I'll wait!

thorstein1068d ago

True, but look at Bungie's Destiny... DLC is more money. Fair enough. That DLC should net me everything you are offering for the season... should it not?

Nope. Microtransactions are there for things that should be part of the core game.

At least EA is going to choose one way or another....not both.

KumquatGOATBEEF1068d ago

@Far If by "a lot" you mean Bungie then you would be correct.

Omegasyde1068d ago

Developers should be rewarded for work-

But when you cut content to put as a season pass- thats nasty.

Season passes were suppose to be a deterant so gamers wouldnt sell games to the used game market. All this season pass bs is going to do the exact opposite.

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AngelicIceDiamond1068d ago

Exactly give us the full experience. And simply make it where we can unlock everything just by playing it. Call me old fashion but that's kinda how it use to be.

SweatyFlorida1068d ago

But when you have $50 season pass worth of dlc is that giving us the "full experience"? This situation seems like their excusing their massive dlc pass because they didn't include microtransactions.

Call ME old fashion but I like how you bought the game and got tons of content, without microtransactions NOR DLC, just waiting for that glorious sequel.

seanpitt231068d ago

No point in Going for the small stuff when we can charge you $60 for half a damn game and $110 for a full game who needs microtransactions.

Ashlen1068d ago

Whatever you say EA. You keeping doing what you're doing and I'll keep not buying your products.

SegaGamer1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

The lies they come up with are unbelievable. We all seen through EA's lies years ago.

They are releasing games with minimal content, and then release the rest of it in the form of DLC/Microtransactions.

If they can't add this stuff because of time constraints, they should delay the game so they can fit it in. But EA (and many other game companies) don't do that. They just release the game incomplete and then charge us for the rest of the game later. Or, if they do get a game released on time, they deliberately cut parts of the game out and sell us those extra parts at a later date.

DLC wasn't created for this. DLC was created so developers could keep adding things to the game if they come up with new ideas. This sadly hasn't happened though. Game developers eye's turned into dollar/pound/euro signs when DLC became a big thing last gen. All they seen was a chance to make more money.

I'm at the point now where i wish DLC was never bought into console gaming. We were much better off without it.

This guy is right is right about one thing though, they aren't taking nikel and dimes, they have moved on from that. They are now after the pounds, dollars and euro's.

3-4-51068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

"I don't want to charge you cover to get into the bar but.....that will be $5 "

They aren't nickel & Diming people.....they are dollaring and benjamining people.

Azzanation1068d ago

Just don't buy them, Simple as that.

BeefCurtains1068d ago

They don't need to nickel and dime their fan base, they have big enough balls to release a half-ass game, and charge an additional $50 "season pass" for the rest of the content.

LOL, why would they need to if they can bend us over so hard right off the bat???

someOnecalled1068d ago

From what I see it's a lot of publishers and console makers game plan . people love to fucus on ea but let it slide with others. Gamers of today let this happen. They love paying more for less

slappy5081068d ago

How noble of EA to not nickel and dime people with microtransactions, they make sure everything is included in the $50 season pass!

TheSaint1068d ago

I don't want to smoke weed every day.

Translation, I actually do.

Dynasty20211068d ago

They'll strip out the microtransactions, give you 1/3rd of a game for $60, then charge the same for the DLC.

Just like Battlefront.

Anyone that doesn't realize what EA are doing is a moron.

donwel1068d ago

Precisely, someone should tell EA that actions speak louder than words.

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_-EDMIX-_1068d ago

lol, gave me the legit lolz.

EA has already stated this a while ago and confirmed Star Wars Battlefront won't have microtransactions as well as Need For Speed.


So i don't think its merely an isolated situation, I think its them saying they are not doing microtransactions any longer. Maybe do to low sales, maybe do to high sales from other larger DLC, who knows.

equal_youth1068d ago

Or simply to add them a few month down the line like most other AAA games do by now. I have strange feeling about that pr talk :/

EcoSos31068d ago

Maybe but a $50 season pass means they don't want your nickel and dimes they want your hard earned dollars now.

ArchangelMike1068d ago

Exactly. EA only wants "dollar dollar bills ya'll"

Slevon1068d ago

I just found out the season pass in Canada is $69.99 and the game is 79.99. Usually they inflate the game costs but digital content is the same price as the states.. Guess not

EcoSos31068d ago

That is way too much don't even bother with it, I haven't bought a EA game in 2 or 3 years and i don't miss them one bit.

Paytaa1068d ago

I actually chuckled when I read the title.