Doom is Playable On Fallout 4 PipBoy, Here's How

SegmentNext - The classic Doom is now playable on Fallout 4 Pipboy. Experience the classic title in one of the biggest releases of the year.

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spicelicka1063d ago

That's so cool, where's the video I wanna see!

Skate-AK1063d ago

Ah man, it's a mod. That's a bummer. I thought it was an Easter Egg. Hopefully something like this could be the mods that are available on Xbone and PS4.

Bass_fisherman1063d ago

Since its a game from the same company that might be allowed...

Muadiib1063d ago

I think you are in the menus enough as it is.

frostypants1063d ago

Mod? Really should indicate that in the headline.

ThunderPulse1063d ago

Yeah I thought it was a hidden game too.

TheROsingleB1063d ago

Missed opportunity for Bethesda. They totally could have created a Doom-esc/homeage with something similar. Still, the fact they included the couple mini-games they did at all is pretty rad.