Meet the new Atari

Though Atari was one of the founding fathers of the games industry, for many it will always be synonymous with the video games crash of 1983.

The firm’s fast and loose approach to publishing, and its lack of quality control, was so severe that it killed faith in the sector resulting in a market collapse in the US.

Since then, the name has passed through a number of hands, including Tramel Technology, Hasbro, Infogrames and IESA.

Then in 2009, Atari parent company Infogrames rebranded itself as Atari SA.

The once dominant brand has seen its worth diminish during the years, to the point when, in 2013, three of Atari’s subsidiaries filed for bankruptcy. Re-emerging wounded, but still alive.

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uth111067d ago

You mean the "meet the new new new new Atari"!

Hoffmann1067d ago

Meet the company that is not Atari beside using the name.

Kalebninja1067d ago

lol wtf Pridefest.. besides that retardedly obvious grasp for gay customers I think they'll do good coming back into the scene and I'd really like another Test Drive Unlimited from them.